David Gborie [Interview]

We have been spending a whole lot of digital time and space in the world of comedy lately, and even more specifically in the world of comedy podcasting. And god dammit if we don’t have a PERFECT interview for you lucky son of a bitches today! A few months ago we had a delightful digital conversation with one of my favorite comedians working today, the brilliant Sean Jordan. And shortly after, wouldn’t you know it …he appeared on a brand new podcast, and I felt compelled to give it a listen.

What I would hear would be the greatest podcast to emerge within the last year known as All Fantasy Everything. I would also soon be hipped to a couple new voices I was ashamed to not have already known. The first would be the show’s host and creator Ian Karmel, a man who hails from the greatest region on the planet and one of the two neighborhoods I would frequent as a youth to go dumpster diving in the rich areas (FYI, This would be the greater Portland area of the Pacific Northwest, and those neighborhoods would be Beaverton & Lake Oswego, Ian hailing from the first)….and there was that other voice. That sweet sultry and seems to only have the ability to be charming and hilarious, no matter what the topic.

I am talking about David Gborie, of course. The AMAZING David Gborie! The man who had the gull and genius to pick the theme music of a Mazda commercial as a “Summer Jam”, and another astonishingly surprising pick which he will mention below. While David is not exactly a “co-host” of All Fantasy Everything, he has appeared over half the show, and is a god damned delight on it. In fact, I can not think of another podcast where I go through the motions on the iPhone app, and become GENUINELY excited to hear that the same two “guests” will be appearing. Yes, while the world is crumbling around us, and all hope seems to be dissipating into a vast darkness of despair and misery….we can find solace in knowing that Ian, Sean, and David will be around on alternating weeks to tell us a perfect Taco Bell menu.

Seriously, if you haven’t gotten around to hearing the magic that is Ian, Sean, and David, please stop what you are doing and check out this great episode of All Fantasy Everything, also featuring the very funny Chris Carpentier, Episode 36: Band Names from the HeadGum Podcast Network.

And as per usual, David’s involvement in AFE has led me to dive in and research some of his stand up work. And wouldn’t you bloody know it, his natural off the cuff brilliance on a podcast translates brilliantly on stage! Catching every video I could on line, I can easily state that Mr. Gborie is one of the finest young comics working today. And if ever given the chance to catch a live show, you can bet your sweet ass I will be down in front getting buck with laughter as he throws out one giggle worthy line after another.

I seriously can not say enough great things about this cat. I hope you enjoy these great words from a man I truly do hold in very high regard in the comedy world. He’s one of the best and brightest in the game, and he tends to surround himself with fellow brilliant individuals. I have a sincere feeling that if you are not aware of the work of David Gborie, simply wait a week. If you are a fan of comedy, somebody is bound to throw his name out there at ya. So ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy some amazing words from the great David Gborie!

When did you first realize you were a hilarious human being, and you owed it to the world to share your brilliance with people across the land as a stand up comedian? What were some of your earliest influences?

Ah man I don’t think I ever thought directly that I was hilarious but I know that sometime in high school I decided that humor was the most important thing to me. Probably around the first time I saw Old School, I just really liked that these kinda dumb normal looking dudes used humor to be the coolest guys in the room. I felt like that reflected how I liked living my life and the kind of people I liked to be around. As far as stand up, I never really liked it that much growing up or anything like that. I honestly kind of thought it was corny. But then after high school my main man Sam Tallent started doing it and I slowly started seeing it wasn’t lame. Then I got a dui. Then I started standup.

I’ve learned that you began your stand up career in San Francisco, but do know that you are from a city that is renowned for being great for comedy, The Mile High city of Denver. After the success and the fan base that you have created around yourself, what is it like to go back to your hometown to do stand up? Are you still getting old high school chums coming out to see what you have been doing with yourself?

Well I’ve been going back and forth to Denver at least 3 times a year for extended stays since my first year in comedy so it sort of feels like I started there too. It’s always great going back! I’m good about staying away long enough to make sure I have new stuff every time I come back so it’s always exciting. Plus you can get real high a lot there which is fun. A few friends from high school come out and get too drunk sometimes and it’s always a bunch of fun. Those guys are great. It’s always nice to have them see that I’m doing good and that I’ve gone  totally hollywood. JK I’M ALL THE WAY REAL.

Since beginning as a stand up, you have managed to work all across the land making people laugh all over. What have been some places you have performed at that some people may not realize is a brilliant city to see a stand up show? Anywhere off the wall that you can remember having a wonderful time at?

I really enjoy traveling so it’s all pretty great to me. Going to a place for 4 days with no responsibilities other than talking about your dumb dick for 45 minutes a night is probably the best way to see the world. Everyone one is usually pretty nice and excited to show you all the cool parts of their weird little town so you basically just get the hits. I’ve found that I always have a really good time in Reno if that means anything.

Last winter you busted your proverbial TV nut with one of the best Conan spots I have seen in a LONG time. It was absolutely fantastic! So how was your first experience doing a late night TV spot? What level of nervous were you before going on?

Man that shit was pretty crazy. Even after I started I’m not sure if I ever fully bought into the idea that a dude like me could get on tv. I had been sleeping on couches for a little over three years straight the year before I did Conan so it was really dope to finally feel like all that had been leading to something. I wasn’t too nervous about performing because I had been practicing the set for a few months but then they let me add an extra joke the day of and I started freaking a little. I played it pretty cool though. That’s how I get down.

I am a HUGE fan of All Things Fantasy Everything, as it is one of the finest podcasts available now. How did you manage to hook up with my former homeland’s own Ian Karmel, our old friend & past TWS interviewee, the bean burrito king himself, Sean Jordan, to become the best “Throuple” in the podcast game? How did this amazing team of hilarious superheroes form?

It was all pretty organic. I’ve known Ian for years from stand up and twitter and stuff and knew Sean tangentially through the same shit. I think it was sometime after Bridgetown that Ian told me he was starting a podcast and he wanted me to be a frequent guest on and around the same time Sean Jordan moved to LA and we all had started hanging together a lot. Then we wrote and filmed Ian’s comedy central pilot and really bonded over that and now we get too buck together on the reg.

After so many appearances on AFE, what would you say has been your best pick, in any category, thus far?

I’m definitely proud of picking the Star Spangled Banner on the one hit wonders episode. People really went nuts over that one. I think it’s because it was a very creative pick from a swashbuckling risk-taker and people tend to find that kind of thing sexy.  I think that solidified me as the bad boy of AFE.

What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our reader(s)?

The future holds more AFEs more standup dates and a few more tv appearances and stuff. Follow my twitter and I’ll keep you updated. I promise

What was the last thing that made you smile?

I accidentally spilled a bunch of ground up marijuana on my naked body after my shower this morning and I laughed so hard I got lightheaded, which feels kind of like being high anyways so I like to think of it as a win-win.

Check out David’s now infamous appearance on Conan, courtesy of Team CoCo right here:

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