Sunday Matinee: Leftovers [Film]

“I live a pretty good life, so I have no complaints. Nothing.” These are the words of a man who is in physical pain every damn day. A man who literally depends on the help of a Meals on Wheels program in order to live a life of pain that he considers “pretty good”. And when he can, he donates some of the little money that he may have to foundations that feed children. In just few brief moments in this film, he manages to show the world what great people should look like. And wouldn’t you know….he lives on the brink of starvation. And furthermore, we don’t seem to give a single solitary shit about him.

When I started to watch Leftovers, I had a feeling it would be a very impactful film, simply based on the subject matter. But, I honestly had no idea just how incredible emotional and on the brink of tears it could make me, on a subject I had honestly NEVER thought about before.  I just want to be real with you good readers. I was honestly under the impression that Meals on Wheels, and other organizations that feed the elderly, were more of a nicety than something that was so important and absolutely necessary. I was aware of food banks and types of programs that feed the children….but, I never considered the elderly. And I don’t believe many people really do. I know I personally never thought about how shitty we as a nation are treating our senior citizens. This is the main reason that Leftovers may very well be one of the most important documentaries I have ever seen. It is a gripping, beautifully produced, and damned inspiring film. First time filmmaker Seth Hancock truly knocked it out of the proverbial park on his first time out. He’s tackled such a specific and dangerous problem that absolutely must be dealt with accordingly. And an amazing film like Leftovers may be just the tool necessary to bring about some serious change. I know he got at least one heartless blogger to re-consider his lifestyle and seek to find what he could do to help.

Seriously Everyone, I am finding it hard to completely describe just how important and impactful this film truly is. You absolutely MUST see this amazing film. And after you do, find out how you can give back. Look into your local Meals on Wheels program, and figure out how you can help support the over 5 million Senior citizens who are going hungry every day. “There is enough food in this country to feed every man, woman, and child, we just the courage to do it.” This is NOT a line we should have to hear in a film, but sadly enough it is absolutely true. We shouldn’t need “courage” to fucking feed people. It should NOT be a courageous act to give people the nourishment they physically need to survive.

Unfortunately, because hunger has become acceptable in our nation, it is indeed a courageous effort to help people simply not die. As pointed out while Seth was visiting in Texas, it was easier to receive a concealed weapons permit than it is to receive food stamps. Our priorities are fucked, people, and it has to be stopped.
Please, watch Leftovers, and find out what you can do help the fattest nation in the world spread the wealth a little bit and help those who truly need it.

Leftovers is available now on VOD, and will be available August 29th, 2017 on DVD. Check out the trailer for this amazing film here:

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