Anthony Hickox [Interview]


Most of you know that we here at TWS usually go pretty hard on the horror genre in the month of October, but we are such incredible fans of this genre that we feel compelled to sprinkle in some genius interviews with horror masters during the warmer months as well. And today is no exception. Today we are fortunate enough to have some amazing words from legendary writer and filmmaker Anthony Hickox! Mr. Hickox is the brilliant mind behind classic horror films like Waxwork and Hellraiser III. Beyond the world of horror, Anthony has made a great impact on the world of action/adventure films as well, directing legendary actors like Dolph Lundgren, William Hurt, Peter Weller, Steven Seagal, Eddie Griffith, and this writer’s original on screen crush, the wonderful Vivica A. Fox….and so many more in some of amazing roles!

Hickox is a brilliant mind with a real eye for talent, whether he is directing or producing a film in any given genre, you can know that it is going to be a damn fine product. So, we are very excited that he was willing to take some time out of his schedule to chat with us a bit about his introduction and time spent in the grueling business of filmmaking. So please enjoy some words from the legendary filmmaker, Anthony Hickox!

I know you had some obvious influences in your life that may have lead you into the world of filmmaking…but, when do you believe that YOU knew this was what you wanted to do for a living?

Not to sound all Super 8, but I dont remember a time when I didnt. Of course at first you want to be an actor because thats what you see. And I was 7! But soon as I got on set and saw a director at work. That was it!

Your film Waxwork has been rightfully hailed as a classic in and out of the horror community, but exceptionally praised with the world of die hard horror fans and has adapted a massive cult following. In your opinion, what do you believe it is about the film that has stood the test of time and kept it so legendary in the horror community?

That’s too kind!!! I dont know. Never expected it for sure. But when Zach and I did the commentary we realized it still stands up. Of course now as a time machine to the 80’s! But its longevity is more than that. The film has a certain innocents that not many horror films had or have. And its really a. film that loves film. And all film lovers feel that…oh and the Marquis helped. 😂

Your contribution to the Hellraiser series with the 3rd installment is one my favorites in the series. When you were given the chance to work on the Hellraiser series, what were some things you feel like you were doing in order to keep the feel of the series in continuity with the first two films, but make it clearly your own project?

I was just so fucking exited to get the call! And then it was set in a club which was my work to pay the rent while writing! I suppose what i wanted want so much to make it mine as to make it American…because i loved American film. And knew i couldnt just make the same film. So i added the American pop culture. Which pissed off a lot of fans!!!

And what are your thoughts on the final product? It was a financial success, which is great, but it was also a wonderful film as a whole, in my opinion? What do you think of its place in the Hellraiser franchise?

Im really proud of it. Saw it at festival in Miami two weeks ago. It just works. Maybe not as a sequel exactly but as a stand alone movie writtings so good (love Pete) so are actors.

Is there a story behind how Motorhead got involved with doing the title track “Hellraiser” in Hellraiser III? Was Lemmy and company a fan of the series already? And how did you enjoy working on the music video for the track as well?

Funny! I had one meeting with Lemmy in his car. That was it! Love the band but Clive did the video!!!

It’s pretty obvious that the world of film has changed dramatically since you first started so many years ago with so many changes in technology and the way people are able to view films and television. So, in your obvious expertise, I am curious as to what you believe have been the benefit, as well as the down side, of the recent changes in the business?

Mmm…kinda long to type. But Raiders made me pack my bags and head west! I dont know if the present Blockbuster movies would have made me do the same. Might had stayed and make movies in UK. That being said Kong was great!!! But thanks to the animators more than anything!

What does the future hold for you? Any cool projects coming in the future that our readers should be on the look out for?

Yes! Its been quite amazing beginning to the year as far as writing. Ed Pressman is making my underwater treasure hunt movie Zheng’s Treasure: Blood Island. And Insurgent just came on board for my Amazon pic Black Jaguar. And yesterday i was asked to take a crack at one of the biggest Sci fi projects out there but I’m not allowed to talk about it!

Directing wise it will be my London thriller: Bad Company very fucking dark! Shoots in September.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

My wife Madalina Anea.

As a bit of a reminder of his excellence, check out this trailer for Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth:

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