The Voices of Fallout 4: Ogie Banks [Interview]


Here we are folks! We are kicking off the last week of The Voices of Fallout 4 series with another fabulous interview! Today we are featuring a very cool guy who may have only had a small part in Fallout 4, but is one that is definitely memorable and very cool. But more importantly, he is one of the biggest names in the voice over world today. His name is Ogie Banks, and he was Nelson Latimer. The wise talking son of a Diamond City gangster who (usually) finds himself on the shit end of a drug deal gone bad, and happens to be carrying a huge pocket full of caps, right about the time you could probably use them, if you start the Diamond City Blues quest very early on in a play through. Not too mention a shit ton of chems that can be sold for a decent amount as well. And how could we forget Ogie’s voice work for Vault 88’s notorious cheating husband, Holt Combes, who just never wants to speak with you, ever.

And who is Ogie Banks? Well, he is a person that you have definitely heard somewhere before, with hundreds of credits under his proverbial belt. Fans of popular animated series like Ultimate Spider Man, Fatherhood, Class of 3000, and the Monster High movies should recognize his voice. And gamers who enjoy the Saints Row series have likely heard him throughout the entire series. He’s also been featured in two different Final Fantasy games (include the latest, Final Fantasy XV) and two different Lego themed games (Marvel’s Avengers and Batman). Basically, he is a genius in this game, and we are so honored that he has decided to take some time out of his busy schedule to talk with us.

So with that, please enjoy some very nice words from the voice over legend, Ogie Banks!

How did you find yourself immersed in the world of voice over acting? Was it something you have always been passionate about?

I kinda fell into the world of voice acting. My on camera agent, Sid Levin, sent me on my first VO audition. I booked the job, the character was a charismatic hip dog character for a frozen pizza [commercial]. I loved the whole voice over experience. So after that job I started my research about VO & started asking all my contacts a million questions. I signed with my first VO agent, Dean Panaro, and we are still working together today. It has been an Awesome journey.

And what do you still enjoy about the work? What keeps you going in this world?

I enjoy the recording process a lot. Usually I’m in a room by myself & able to really put myself in the moment of the scene. Playing several characters on a project is a challenging treat for me as well.

In your obviously expert opinion, what is the different between doing voice over work for an animated film or series and video game work? For those of us with absolutely no knowledge of the business, how do they differ?

There’s a big difference in doing an animated series as opposed to doing a video game. For instance, on my show Ultimate Spiderman where I play both, Luke Cage and Miles Morales, I’m able to work and feed off of the whole cast. The show grows as well as our performance because we are working together weekly or every other week for like 22 weeks or so. A video game job usually consist of maybe up to a week or so of work. Also I’m in a big recording room by myself intimately working with the director & writer. Also with video game acting I feel that I’m able to really take my time with my reads.

What was it like to work on a project like Fallout 4? Is it surreal to be a part of the biggest video game franchise in history?

In this VO world there’s always a new cool project to work on and with each project I’m able to meet more & more people. Makes life exciting and keeps me going in this world.

Working on a project like Fallout 4 makes me feel like I was invited to an exclusive, guest list only, party. Everything is hush hush so it makes the project that much more fun & mysterious. I didn’t even know what character I was going to play until I arrived at the session. Then when I finished I couldn’t let anyone know until the drop date of the game. So I had to hold on to the secret for months. It IS surreal to be a part of the biggest video game franchise. I think the coolest part of that is knowing that the game is going to be of quality & possibly a classic.

Are you experienced with the game at all? For instance, do you get offended when people you know choose to off Nelson Latimer?

Yes I’m experienced in the game, I will admit that I’m awful. Honestly I like to go online & watch others play. Hahaha! I don’t get offended when people choose to off Nelson Latimer. I’m more concerned about my acting and making sure it’s on point.

What is next for you? Anything you would like to plug with us?

Next up for me is a new exciting animation show I’m working on that should be out by the end of the year. That’s all I can say because with everything now days they make us sign a hush hush contract.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

The last thing that made me smile was, hmmmmmm…well my joke of course. Okay I gotta say, I think I’m very very very funny. I make myself laugh like everyday. I’m laughing as I’m writing this right now.

Check out Ogie in action as Nelson Latimer in this YouTube video courtesy of Twothless:

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