Cerina Vincent [Interview]


Today we are showcasing an actress that really hits home to us here at TWS. Cerina Vincent may be most recognizable these days for her starring role in The Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle. But, for us old guys here at TWS, we are most excited to talk to the star of the brilliant horror flick Cabin Fever, and a true blue (er, yellow) Power Ranger! Yes, Cerina was a vital role everyone will remember from the hit Rider Strong fronted Cabin Fever, as well as the humanoid version of the Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

And if you stop for just a moment and really think about that last paragraph, you may realize how insane this truly is. I mentioned three very distinct roles, all of which are portrayed by one amazing actress. Cerina Vincent may very well be one of the most versatile people working in the business today. And with that, we are so happy that she decided to take some time out of her busy career (Seriously, she literally did this interview between takes of Stuck in the Middle) to share some insight on acting, her progression through the lifestyle, and what it is like to forever be a Power Ranger. So please indulge and enjoy some amazing words from the great Cerina Vincent. Here we go!

While you have an exceptionally large body of varied works, we are here to talk a horror films. And you have done some good ones. So how do you enjoy about working on horror films? What have been some of your favorite experiences thus far?

I honestly feel honored to be a part of the horror genre. It’s a wonderful community of creative, imaginative, spirited misfits that I’m so grateful to be a part of. No matter if you’re an actor, writer, director, or a fan… we are all in the genre together. I LOVE working on horror films. It’s where I began. And every year that goes by, I just seem to have a deeper love and more of an appreciation for the genre. Some of my favorite experiences? Well, Cabin Fever may be an obvious answer, but it’s truly what put me on the map in this genre. Every moment of that film was an extraordinary experience. You don’t get many of those in life… It was a perfect storm of wonderful people who put genuine heart into the art, a really rad script, and the world loved it.


Do you ever find yourself just getting creeped out all to hell when you are involved in a horror film set? Or have you sort of been desensitized to blood and guts?

No actually! Horror sets aren’t really creepy at all! The creep factor comes together in post-production… The editors and the sound designers bring SO much to a horror film. Shooting it isn’t really scary at all. Our right mind knows that monsters aren’t real… so there’s a certain falseness and fun to the acting that’s different than just drama or comedy. At least for me. I’ll tell you what was really creepy, though… My film MoniKa. We shot a couple of scenes in the well-known haunted Linda Vista hospital. THAT was creepy. I’ve never felt such a dark presence anywhere in my life. It was haunting.

If you could be murdered on-screen by any legendary horror killer, who would it be?

OMG! Freddy! Or Jason? Maybe both together…

While we are indeed here to talk about horror films, I would kick myself so hard if I didn’t throw a Power Rangers question out there….So, can you tell us about your time as the Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy? Also, what was it like inside that suit? Comfortable?

Power Rangers was my first series regular job and I learned SO much. We worked our butts off. 16 hour days, 5/6 days a week, but it was great. I made life long friends with my other fellow rangers, and the producers and crew, too! The Power Ranger world is also like a little family. Rangers, crew, fans… we are all one. Re: the costumes: I always joke that no one looks great in yellow spandex, but the suits were absolutely fun to wear. My character was from a jungle planet so I wore a little leather shirt and half top every single day and then “morphed” into the yellow ranger suit. But little secret; Any time the helmets are on… that’s not us actors. That’s a really badass stuntman under that helmet!! We couldn’t make that show without those guys. They are some of the best martial artists in the business.


What does the future hold for you? Any cool projects coming up that you can tell us about?

I’m currently on Disney’s Stuck in the Middle! It’s a brilliant single camera ½ hour show where I pay Suzy Diaz the mother of 7 of the cutest TV kids EVER. I am beyond grateful for this role. It’s a side of me that the genre fans don’t really know… the overly sensitive, nurturing maternal side of myself that I get to put into Suzy. I love it. 2nd season airs this February… I hope you all will check it out!

Do you have any big plans for this coming Halloween? Any traditions? (Note: outdated question obviously, but a lovely answer, so we kept it. We appreciate every word from this amazing person!)

I don’t have any specific Halloween traditions, other than making a point to eat some candy, carve some pumpkins and get together with friends. I do LOVE Halloween. I love ALL holidays, actually. I’m a big sap for celebrating and making the most of every holiday. YOLO, right? (My TV kids tell me I’m not allowed to say that anymore) Last year I was Lady Gaga/The Countess from American Horror Story: Hotel, and I have to say I was pretty proud of my costume that cost me nothing. Thrown together from randomness in my closet… and old gloves, hats and jewelry that were my grandmothers.

What is your favorite scary movie?

The Shining & Jaws are tied for first place.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

Well, this question surely made me smile!! I appreciate questions like this. I love the rain, and it was pouring here in LA this morning, so I woke up with a smile! My TV kids’ adorable personalities and the coffee I’m currently drinking are also making me smile. I’m on my lunch break on the set of Stuck in The Middle. Everything makes me smile here…


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