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There are a lot of comedians out there who have left a mark on my fragile mind, and today you are lucky enough to hear from one of them. Greg Proops is an amazing comedian who has a brilliant perspective on life and love and everything in general. The casual reader will remember Greg from Who’s Line Is It Anyway?, and the avid reader will know that he is one of the finest stand up comedians that has graced the comedy stage in the last 20 years. He has an amazing podcast as well, so be sure to get yourself on the Proopcast wagon!

And with that, we are so damn happy that Greg decided he would like to share a few words with us. He really didn’t have to, but we are so damn happy that he did. So, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Greg Proops!


How did you find yourself in the world of comedy? And what keeps you in the business?

I wanted to do it since I was a teenager. The freedom and being treated as an adult drew me in. The audience interaction keeps me in. I love the dance.

What are you thoughts on the modern world of comedy after so many years in the business? Are things better? Worse? Same?

Better, more Women and People of Color. The worse part is there are still too many sexist asshats. The internet has allowed us all to be free agents.

You’ve been a cast member in both the UK and U.S. versions of the hit sketch based game show Who’s Line Is It Anyway?, so what would you say was the biggest differences between the two versions? And which audience did you find the most receptive to this style of show that was unlike any other?

The money. The audiences are mad enthusiastic on both sides. We did the Palladium in London this year and the Adelphi last year and it was bonkers. I am very lucky to work with so many great improvateurs and visa versa.

If you had to pick one, what would you consider your favorite bit you have performed on either version of the show?

Tony Slattery’s pants split once at taping in London. I saw more than I wanted to. I prefer the Live version I do with Ryan Stiles.


You have a plethora of voice over gigs under your belt, including 5 seasons as Bob The Builder and Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Meance. So I’m just wondering how much do you enjoy these gigs? And what has been your favorite gig thus far?

I’m working on a new movie called Duck, Duck, Goose and it should be great. I loved Nightmare Before Christmas and I have had the pleasure of performing it live the last two years with a full orchestra, Danny Elfman, Catherine O’Hara and Pee wee at the Hollywood Bowl. That was like being in an opera.

I really enjoy Proopcast, by the way. But, for those out there who may not be familiar with it, what do you believe it is that sets your podcast apart from the increasingly large amount of comedian driven podcasts these days?

I’m not a misogynist. And I speak to issues.

When you look back on your obviously illustrious career in the world of comedy, what would you say you are most proud of?

The podcast. My Wife Jennifer and I have put our hearts into it.

So what is next for Greg Proops? Anything you would like to plug?

The podcast is always happening. The Greg Proops Film Club rolls on, next episode we show The Apartment on December 7th at Cinefamily. My paperback of The Smartes Book in the World comes out in February. I also ell continue being a satirical voice opposed to Trump and all he stands for. Racism, sexism, bigotry and xenphoboa.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

The windows at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York. (See below)





Watch Greg for yourself at one the following dates:

12/07 Cinefamily-Greg Proops Film Club -The Apartment in Los Angeles, CA

12/14 The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, CA
12/29-31 (Podcast on the 29th) Punch Line in San Francisco, CA

1/09 NerdMelt in Los Angeles, CA
1/15 Vodkast – Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood, CA
1/26-28 (Podcast on the 26th) -Vermont Comedy Club in Burlington Virgina
3/05 The Crocodile in Seattle, WA

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