Robin Grey: More Than Today [Album]

Robin Grey - More Than TodayIt has been just over 6 years since I first decided to enter the world of “music blogging”, which would later turn into simply full-fledged “blogging”.  So much has changed since then.  Our American president is well into his 2nd term, a long way from the days when we were so amped about Change We Can Believe In.  Well, a whole lot has definitely changed since then.  It almost seems that there is very little constancy in this world, which can surely be quite disheartening at times.  But, from the very earliest stage of my “career”, there is one discovery I made that has continued to stick with me, and has been a driving force that reminds me just why I love the world of music, film, art, etc. just so damn much.  That driving force is, and will always be, the absolutely lovely English human being and singer/songwriter Robin Grey.

While I’ve spent most of 2014 caught in living the American in the European world type of life or developing interviews with former television stars, there has been this wonderful little folk album sitting in my iTunes since mid-Winter.  The album is More Than Today from the aforementioned genius Robin Grey.  And as you would expect, I absolutely adore this collection of 10 (mostly) brand new tracks from one of the greatest singer/songwriters of our time.  Two years in a row, Robin Grey nabbed the #1 spot on our Top 37 1/2 Albums of the Year in a most deserving fashion.  And with his latest efforts, he could very well have snagged another year!  His beautifully yet sometimes haunting lyrical greatness plastered ever so gently over melodic acoustic guitar are something that simply can not go without notice and awe.  He has been creating such magic for oh so many years, and with no surprise at all, he has done it again with his latest efforts that is More Than Today.

As he tends to do sometimes, there are a couple of tracks on this beautiful record that his avid fans should already be well aware of at this point (somewhat redux’s of “Till Dawn” and “I Love Leonard Cohen”, the latter being the very reason I fell in love with this mans work so many moons ago).  But, Robin also tends to do, he has given us a gift of even more wonderful new tracks for us to sink our delicate teeth into.  “I’ll Give You My Heart” is a delightful little ode to love, “The Dirk of Mark Duggan” is a delightful tale of potential triumph and standing for what is right, and the title track “More Than Today” is one of the finest and catchiest tracks Robin Grey has ever made (and there are many more!).  I am not kidding.  Robin Grey

While it took me quite a while to finally get the word out, I feel as though it could never be too late to speak about this absolutely brilliant album, one of the finest folk albums to be released since, well, the last time Robin released the finest folk album to date.  I first learned of Robin when was singing about certain obsessions fading away (Ani Difranco, Weezer, REM, etc.), but he could never lose his love for the wonderful Leonard Cohen.  Well, as I look onward from the past, into the hopeful light of the future, I think I can without a doubt say this:  You might ask is anything certain these days, I would probably tell you that,…..I love Robin Grey.

Check out More Than Today and other great works from the wonderful Robin Grey right over HERE.

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