Cariad Harmon: Cariad Harmon [Album]

Cariad Harmon - Album ArtWith that feeling that the sun is finally breaking through the thick white clouds to brighter up our lives, we have discovered another beautiful singer/songwriter who creates beautiful little tunes that splash together Americana and Blues lyrics over a some precious acoustic strumming in precisely the perfect manner!  Yes, describing the beautiful music that Cariad Harmon has created on her self titled album is well-deserving of run on sentences, and bouts of explicit happiness.  With an album that can conjure up imagery of smoky jazz clubs or even smokier blues bars located in Anytown U.S.A., Harmon is a wonderful British artist who definitely understands Americana music, and has found just the right away to perfect it.

Whether it is beautiful little ditties about not giving up on what you truly need/want (“Old and Grey”) or one woman’s love/hate relationship with NYC (“Wicked Town”), there is something so deeply personal and touching about this collection of Cariad Harmon tracks that you just can’t help but sway your head to, even just a little bit.  Whether she is breaking it down with piano driven melodies (“Williamsburg Bridge”) or adding just the right amount of country twang to a self esteem boosting cut (“You Don’t Know Me Yet”), there is something on this beautiful album for anyone who appreciates brilliant singer/songwriter stylings.

We’ve covered a whole mess of Americana artists here at Trainwreck’d Society because, well….trains.  The image of a train rolling through a corn field in middle America somewhere as the sun is setting over the prairie is about as American as it gets, right?  But, really, this is the new age of Americana music.  The revolution that began oh so many years in places like The Village in NYC has brought these roots driven tracks all over the land, and even across the pond.  Cariad Harmon used to spend her days running around the streets of London dancing around to house music and techno, but deep down inside, there was a real artist.  And we should all be so damn grateful that she chose the path that has brought us her brilliant self-titled sophomore release.  So, it would behoove other great singer/songwriters like Laura Gibson or Theressa Anderson to join forces with this whirlwind of talent, or simply step aside as a new queen steps in to rule with her beautiful album in tow, which is one of the finest pieces of work of 2014.  And it would behoove you to jump on the bandwagon right about now.  Because like said train in a cornfield, Cariad Harmon is going places.  Going places fast!

Cariad Harmon’s self titled album will be available November 11th, 2014.  Stayed tune for updates at her website and be sure to Friend her on Facebook.  You can also preview and download “You Don’t Know Me Yet” at Large Hearted Boy.

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