Rocket 3: Burn [Album]

Rocket 3 - BurnWhat do you get when you combine saucy lyrical goodness that is thicker than Taco Bell hot sauce with a delightful jingly jangly pop/rock sound that can induce bouts of joy at any given moment?  Well, I would say you would easily have the Rocket 3’s debut album Burn in all its greatness.  I’ve covered a whole bunch of great pop rock groups from across the pond that I adore and admire, but this time I am able to display a beautiful new group right from my old stomping grounds of Portland, Oregon.  Their sound is as delightful as old Hot Hot Heat song, just a bit milder, and all the better I might add.

Burn might be a very perfect and fitting title for the speed and pleasantry this album can bring you.  The songs are quick, anthemic, and just a whole lot of fun to listen to.  By the time I made it to “Good Enough”, I knew I was going to be hooked on this wonderful threesome just as much as I have been on the Pastime Records crew over in Exeter.  The sounds are very similar, but definitely quite different.  Rocket 3 is a band that hits hard with sometimes bass heavy riffs that bring to mind some of the sort of pop punk that established itself as a mainstay in the mid 90’s.  With all of these different types of sounds being mixed together like a wonderful seafood gumbo, it seems as though it might be something very easy to screw up.  But, Rocket 3 did far from that.  With their wonderful ingenuity and obvious talent, this is a band that seems to know all the right cards to play, and have laid down a wonderful hand with their debut album Burn.

From what I have gathered, Rocket 3’s front woman, Ramune, is relatively new to the music game.  But, you would never be able to tell with the way she slams the electric guitar down with the greatest of ease, and provides a beautiful line of vocals that are just oh so damn appealing.  Rocket 3 is definitely not a band to sleep on, and I am certain the future will prove this to be a solid truth when the world gets ahold of Burn, and is sure to fall in love after just one listen.

Burn will be available for purchase November 4th.  Stay in touch with the band on their Facebook Page.  Be sure to discover where they are performing one of their magnificent live shows near you! 

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