Sadistik: Ultraviolet [Album]

sadistik-ultravioletSo, your favorite indie rocker’s favorite rapper is back!  Already!  It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was feeling amazed by 2013’s Flowers For My Father.  And honestly, the album hasn’t really left my regularly scheduled playlists to date.  But, the diligence and constant artistic efforts of Sadistik are impossible to ignore, especially when he releases such an amazing record as Ultraviolet almost directly (well, figuratively directly, anyway) after releasing one of the finest hip hop records I have ever heard.

Ultraviolet has so many high points, it’s almost not fair to point them out individually.  There are a few things missing from the record that I would have loved to see (appearances from Kristoff Kane, Bodi, Cas One, etc.) but I know the back story of this album, and I now that this album was oh-so-carefully constructed in the mind of Cody Foster a.k.a. Sadistik, that I easily set my own bullshit personal wishes aside, and enjoy the beautiful things about this amazing album.  First of all, “In the Night” is by far the most brilliant piece of work I have heard from this fucking guy to date.  I simply can not get enough of it.  Second, we get to hear from Trainwreck’d Society’s 2012 Person of the Year, Anna Lynne Williams, a.k.a. Lotte Kestner, once again on “Chemical Burns”.  Which, oh-so-incredibly, features the late wonderful artist Michael “Eyedea” Larsen, who is also no stranger to the TWS world, and more importantly one of the single greatest hip hop artist to have ever lived, and was taken from us far too quickly.  Finally…. guest appearances from legends like Sticky Fingaz and Tech N9Ne on “Death Warrant”….are you fucking kidding me?  Such brilliance!  Throw a wonderful cameo with Yes Alexander, some return production from Kid Called Computer, and Sadistik continuing to spit his wonderful poetry just as well, if not better than, as he always does, and you may very well have one of the finest records of 2014.  Easily the finest hip hop album of the year, but Sadistik’s music extends beyond the idealism of any sort of genre.  This is indeed hip hop, but more importantly, this is art.

You can stream Ultraviolet now at  Official release date is July 1st, and you can pick up a copy for yourself right HERE.

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