Infidelix: Nomadic [Album]

Infidelix - NomadicIt has become a new and strange time for the world of hip hop lately.  Although there has always been a claim that “lyricism” is a major part of the art form, we all know that is bullshit.  If this were truly the case, so much of what we hear on the radio wouldn’t be so god damn terrible.  Thankfully though, I believe that lyricism is actually becoming important, and acting as a main stay in the world of hip hop.  And one of the finest warriors in the fight for lyrical importance is none other than Infidelix.  And he has something truly wonderful to share with you on his latest release, Nomadic.

With that being said, must of us who care to do some research know that there are truly talented folks out there who make hip hop a legitimate art form.  Sure it is vile at times, but isn’t that life?  And an artist like Infidelix exemplifies just how great this whole game can be.  Nomadic is not simply another collection of foul mouthed puns or a shameless collaborations of ironic metaphors.  This is an album that reads like a personal journey through the depths of one man’s soul that has been spread out on paper and later recorded to create a permanent record in history.  “Better Days”, which features a couple of nice cameos from the likes of artists Funzo and Leiko, is a prime example of this theory.  It would be difficult and ridiculous to not love such compassion and commitment to saying something so obviously personal as Infidelix has done with this wonderful record.

We have spent a lot of time here at Trainwreck’d Society showcasing the world of independent and/or alternative hip hop.  So much time that it may come off as pleading.  But, I truly believe it is an at form that deserves and needs to be showcased appropriately.  It is artists like Infidelix that make the struggle worth showcasing.  Here is a guy that truly lives what he says.  For example, this cat is currently on a “nomadic” journey throughout Europe with the intention of spreading the good word of hip hop across the globe, and of course, pulling the stunt of selling CD’s out of the proverbial trunk all over the world.  He has already had quite a journey, and should definitely be commended for his efforts and accomplishments, although he is only getting started.  And with a brilliant album like Nomadic in tow, his future is nothing if it not bright!

To learn more about Infidelix’s journey, check the updates at his blog Infidelix Goes Nomadic, and find out how you can help fund this incredible journey right HERE.



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