Natalie Popovich [Interview]

Natalie PopovichOh sweet, sweet delicious world of horror.  Your ways and means and the characters you create are just absolutely fascinating.  The world of horror has had a strong presence here at Trainwreck’d Society, which most of you regular readers probably already know.  We’ve had legendary figures in the world of horror from filmmakers to actors to special effects gurus, and even a legendary horror host.  And now, we are so pleased to announce that we have another great interview with yet another wonderful horror host Natalie Popovich, a.k.a. Ivonna Cadaver!

Ivonna is known as the host of the absolutely fabulous and often times hilarious Horror show Macabre Theatre alongside the legendary Munsters cast member Butch Patrick, and is now the leading lady behind the project!  Her sex appeal, charm, wit, and astounding knowledge of the world of horror makes her one of the most sought after ladies in the world of horror.  And best of all, she does it all in the vein of the classic horror host field.  It will be no surprise to me in 30 years the name Ivonna Cadaver will be mentioned alongside the likes of Count Gore De Vol and Elvira.  Although it shouldn’t take 30 years to figure this out, I figured it out in 30 minutes of viewing the Macabre Theatre.

So ladies and gentlemen, I am so happy to announce that we managed to get a few questions in with the beautiful and talented Ivonna Cadaver!  Enjoy!

Can you tell us a bit about Macabre Theatre?  What was your inspiration behind your character Ivonna Cadaver?

Macabre Theatre is a 2 hour formatted television series featuring classic and all new indie horror and sci-fi films. Ivonna Cadaver, that’s me! sets out to expose these films to the next generation and the generation that adored this type of programming, growing up loving this genre. I also cover red carpets featuring the hottest or should I say the coldest box office horror hits, interview the most relevant celebrity icons in the genre and do 12 to 13 segments within the 2 hour show that delights my fans with campy comedy. It’s really to die for…sorry, I just couldn’t help myself Butch Patrick aka “Eddie Munster” was an original cast member. My alter ego.  Natalie Popovich, Executive Produces the show and felt Butch needed a side kick, someone to get the viewers, let’s say a little more interested in these great flicks. Ivonna Cadaver was born or let’s say was reinvented for this 21st century! She now heads the show and has been featured in 48 Macabre Theatre shows. Not bad for the “ghoul next door”!
If you weren’t working as an actress these days, what do you think you would be doing, as far as outside of the entertainment world?

The obvious comes to mind. Grave digging and funeral burial design a life-long dream…
Ivonna Cadaver2Have you always been a fan of the horror world?  What were some of your early inspirations?

Always. Imagine, years ago there was George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead now this generation is experiencing zombie take-over shows like The Walking Dead which holds the number one rated spot. American Horror Story is genius and Bates Motel is a back-story dream laced with some of the best acting by a female lead. Things have changed and Ivonna couldn’t be more thrilled of the relevance today. I of course have always been a huge fan of Italian horror especially the likes of Dario Argento and Mario Bava. They are for me, the essence of good horror, the music, the flavor and their vibe had me hooked from the start, pardon the pun. Many of these filmmakers have paved the way to what is now a booming genre and a take over on the big and small screen.

What do you think of the status of the horror in cinema world of today?  Has technological advancements helped or hurt the creativity of horror?
Like I said did anyone ever think years ago the number one rated show on television would be about zombies? American Horror Story is visual brilliance. I think “advances” period, are wonderful for the genre. Listen, I interviewed Rick Baker, 8 time Oscar Award winner for special effects in make-up about 5 years ago and I’m not so sure he was so excited about the changes regarding technological advancements but since then I believe he has picked up two more Oscars, received a star on the Walk of Fame and was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for the most Oscars in his field this year and was thrilled when I interviewed him this last time. Things change but talent remains constant. Everyone is entitled to their creative sensibility. What stands the test of time? Talent.
Who is a horror host, present or in the past, that you have enjoyed the most?
Well, believe it or not as a very young ghoul I lived next door to the GM of “WTOG” channel 44 a station in Tampa, Florida and the home of Dr. Paul Berrier. They had wild parties next door, they carried on and Dr. Paul Berrier would pop out of a casket in the middle of the night, I’m told. I remember going to the set and meeting him and thinking…well hell, I don’t even know what I was thinking, I was a baby…I don’t think it had anything to do with one day I’ll be hosting my own nationally syndicated show featuring classic and new indie horror but it’s an interesting thought all the same…I think he may have been proud.
In your obvious professional opinion, how do you feel women are presented and treated in the world of horror?  Is it good or bad?  
We are what we make. We as women have to pave our way. There are so many women who have paved the way in Horror. Barbara Steele, Jamie Lee Curtis, who embraces the genre along side with all of her obvious main stream roles, and now the always great Jessica Lange in American Horror Story, who again is a super nova. It’s getting better, it’s getting bigger and woman are right there in the fore-front…
What does the future hold for you?  Any other projects out there that you would like to plug?
I will continue to entertain the audience with great interviews from the finest directors, producers and artists within the genre. I will be-dazzle my fans with humor because it’s good to laugh! I will also continue to showcase new content that coincides with the “movement” happening currently in the television industry and social media “buzz” within this genre. Also, in the true spirit of Trainwreck’d Society, just know Ivonna Cadaver will always keep “light” in an otherwise world of darkness. It’s not what’s inside the dungeon that should scare you, it’s what’s outside. No worries though, if you need any help I’m here to assist. There’s always room for another warm body in here 😉

Ivonna Cadaver
What was the last thing that made you smile?

The thought of another warm body in the dungeon…

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3 Responses to Natalie Popovich [Interview]

  1. Nancy hook says:

    I can’t believe I found you on my phone. This is your cousin Nancy popovich hook from sd. Tom n cleo’s daughter. I was down in Florida a year ago. You are looking good other then an adult now!!!

  2. Debbie says:

    Hay Nat miss u from Feb an john in fl, call me sometime!!!

  3. GOODSTUFF says:

    “Unpleasant dreams” – Elvira

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