Kevin “Dot Com” Brown [Interview]

Dot ComIt’s very hard to believe that one of the finest comedic television shows in recent history has been off the air for over a year now.  30 Rock went away like all the classics though: at exactly the right time.  No shark was jumped.  It simply faded out of existence and will be in the history books as one of the funniest shows in history, and an ensemble of some of the finest comedic actors in every thrown together.  And as you can guess, some of us simple won’t get over it.  Last year we managed to steal a few words from cast member Scott Adsit, and I was absolutely thrilled.  And since then I have been trying like hell to get one other very specific character to share a few words with us.  And ladies and gentlemen…..we got him!

My favorite segments of 30 Rock always took place in Tracy Jordan’s dressing room, with his awesome entourage, Grizz and Dot Com.  While they weren’t prominently exposed during the entire series, I know I always got giddy like a damn school girl when these two appeared as the often times voice of reason to the zany and often times hard to manage Jordan.  Some of my fondest memories from this show involve the illustrious Kevin “Dot Com” Brown.  And I as I said before, I’ve been trying to get him on the site for a quite a while, and I am so excited to say that this hilarious funny man has been so kind to take some time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us.  Between stand up, the theater, producing, and so much more, this is one inspiring cat with an awesome story to tell.  And we are so honored to have him join the TWS family.  Enjoy!


How did you get into the world of stand up?  Where you always sort of a jokester growing up?
No, I was never a jokester growing up. I was never ever funny or amusing. I got into the world of stand-up because my brother Andre (Dre) was a stand-up comic and I was a promoter. My brother invited me to one of his comedy shows and the host did not show up. My brother came to me and asked me to host. I resisted because I had never done any jokes or stand-up before. When Dre asked me do him a favor well, I could not refuse my brother. He said I was good at talking to people and that is why he felt I could do it. I went on stage and had the most fun I had ever had in my life. I got the bug…

What was your very first appearance as a stand up comedian?  Did it go well?

I did not decide to be a stand-up comic until 10 years later after being asked to host the event by my brother. Stand-up is different from hosting. As a host, you can have a pleasant personality but as a comic you must have material. For my 1st performance as a stand-up comic; I was at a comedy room in the Bronx called the BBQs which was very very hood, very crowded, and very difficult. My buddy who was hosting that night, asked me to do a few minutes and bring him up. I think my buddy wanted me to bomb so I could go back to promoting.

Before leaving the stage, I got a heckler wearing a yellow baseball jersey and when I looked into the audience and saw it was a Black guy wearing the yellow jersey it was on… because I had 3 snaps that were tailor made. The first snap got a laugh, the second one a bigger laugh and the third one, I killed them. I ran off stage feeling euphoric and that was the beginning of my journey as a stand-up comic.

What was the set-life like for you personally during your time playing a part of Tracy Jordan’s entourage on 30 Rock?

30 Rock was one of the most amazing life changing journeys I ever experienced. It took me places I never dreamed I would be. I was introduced to people I never thought I would meet. It set a standard for quality and coming in comedy that I have so much respect for and will spend the rest of my career trying to reach the bar that was set so high.

Kevin+Brown+30+Rock+Series+Finale+Wrap+Party+z9TvYVOWN7XxHow much of your own personality were you allowed to put into your character on the show, considering you used your actual nickname and all?

All of it!!!!!! The writers on 30 Rock were amazing. New people (writers) would spy on us by hanging around and ease drop on our natural conversations. Many things we would joke about would end up in the script. I am very much that character (Dot Com), it is based on who I am off-stage.

Now that 30 Rock is long and gone, living in the television history books, do you miss working on that show?  Are you missing your old family?  Do you still keep in touch?

Dot Com: What do you think? (chuckle) 7 years was longer than any of us dreamed of and the show literally turned us into stars as individuals. Everyone is very busy working on their careers. I work every day extending my 15 minutes of fame.

I am intrigued by the off-Broadway play Box I have come to find out you not only starred in, but also produced.  What was the play about, and what intrigued about the project?

Dot Com: The play Box was an incredible opportunity for me. I played a Haitian refugee who stowed away in a coffee box trying to make a better life in America. It was a powerful dramatic role and I love doing drama and theater. Yes, I produced the play. Actors in the know realize if you really want to work in the business you must produce your own vehicle. Box had a powerful message tailor made for me. (not being Haitian) It is one of several films and plays I produced. I am producing my own films and tv projects.

What is your ultimate goal as an actor?  What do you hope to accomplish in the world of entertainment before you retire, if you ever retire?

Right now, I just want to work and do interesting projects. Ultimately, I want to own a network or movie studio.

If you could appear in a biopic of any famous American in history, who do you think you would be right for, or who would you like to portray? 

Heavy weight boxing champion Jack Johnson. Not a remake of “The Great White Hope” because it was brilliantly done by James Earl Jones but a more gritty version of Jack Johnson’s story.

What sort of projects do you have going on right now?  What does the future hold for you?

I recently executive produced a short documentary, Uptown Comedy Club, the Birth of Hip Hop Comedy , based on a club and television show I owned in the 90s launching a number of Black Comic careers, many who are now at the top of their game.  My next desire is to re-launch the television show with a new millennium spin.In April, Smirnoff started its new ad campaign in which I appear as “The Bouncer”.  Look for me in a few different projects. Stay tuned!


What was the last thing that made you smile?

Father’s Day when my 20-year-old met my 5-year-old goddaughter. Watching the look in their eyes was so amazing and it was the greatest time I ever had.


The YouTube channel Slackatory compiled an amazing collection of some of best Dot Com moments on 30 Rock, which is solid proof as to why he was one of the greatest assets to the show.  This explains him perfectly!

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