Blue Skies For Black Hearts: Blue Skies For Black Hearts [Album]

Blue Skies For Black Hearts - Blue Skies For Black HeartsThey say nobody knows you like, you.  Well after reading the About section of Blue Skies For Black Hearts, I believe they know themselves very well when they describe their sound as a “five piece pop hammer straight to your brain hole”.  It also saddens me that I couldn’t have thought of that first.  I would have sounded so clever and witty.  But, alas it does not matter, BSFBH were absolutely right in the assessment in their own work.  I would add though, that they are also nailing in a bit of beautiful rhythm with said rock crusher.  And their self-titled debut is a brilliant collection of examples as to why we should be so lucky to endure such pain as a hammer to the head.

Lots of folks in the past have compared Blue Skies For Black Hearts to so many legendary acts that it has almost gotten ridiculous.  “John Lennon and Brian Wilson as one person”?  What does that mean?  I think I understand though.  I think people have lost site on what used to be important in rock and roll music.  Holding a god damned key!  A vocalist who can really harmonize not only with his fellow singers, but with the sound itself.  When I listen to “It’s Gone On To Long” from the latest self titled album, this is what I hear.  Their sound is classic in the sense of beautiful composition, yet still sounds as fresh as oven baked bread at 4:30 a.m.

And as it may come to no surprise to most of you, but Blue Skies For Black Hearts hails from the wonderful city of Portland, Oregon which seems to have a stronghold in reviews at this site.  But, that can be easily understandable considering the fact that Portland holds a stronghold in talent these days.  And Pat Kearns is definitely one of the finest songwriters of the region.  He has taken what started out as a solo project for himself, and added 4 more brilliant folks who all manage to work in beautiful unison, even now on their 4th album as a 5 piece.  And here is to hoping that there are many more to come, for I could listen to this brilliance until the end of time.

Blue Skies For Black Hearts will release their self titled album on July 29th 2014.  Head on over the band’s website to keep and catch up with their wonderful sound.

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