The Evangenitals: Moby Dick (or, The Album) [Album]

Evangenitals-MobyDick_HRcover-e1389978920635I was instantly drawn to The Evangenitals for the obvious reason that they have the coolest band name I have seen.  And then I heard them, and I found even greater reason to love them.  The band refers to their style of music as Avant-Appalachian Pirate-jazz, which I guess works.  I find that when it is too hard to categorize a band, there is probably a damn good reason for it.  And this is a band the blends just the perfect amount of weird and talent.  Their sound is unique, without being too disturbing.

On the band’s first release from Fluff and Gravy records,  Moby Dick (or, The Album), we get a fine taste of the perfectly peculiar styling that makes The Evangenitals a real gift to the indie music world.  To say the very least about this wonderful album would be to say that it is the strangest interpretation of Melville you will ever hear.  To say the very most, it is a real delight.  The surreal and fascinating tone of a song like “Shipwreck Blues” is just one example of why The Evangenitals may be one of the finest Americana-ish groups out there today, and why should all be paying attention to songwriter Juli Crockett and her beautiful band of merry men/women.

The Evangenitals’s debut album Moby Dick (or, The Album) will be released on March 18th 2014 on Portland, OR based Fluff and Gravy Records.

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