The Valery Trails: Buffalo Speedway [Album]

The Valery Trails - Buffalo Speedway - Album ArtThe Valery Trails is a band that has been several years in the making.  As they sometimes seem to do, consequences arrive that tend to skew the seemingly definite plans we make.  Sometimes we never return to the passion, and eventually die off with nothing to show for it.  Well, thankfully enough brothers Andrew and Sean Bower never forgot about the magic they created oh so many years ago in one format or another, and we are still blessed with the beautiful sounds of The Valery Trails, and are fortunate enough to hear them even more on their sophomore release Buffalo Speedway.

The Bower brothers, joined by the immaculate drummer Dan McNaulty, create energetic yet calming alternative rock songs that are extremely reminiscent of the days when college radio reigned supreme, and the term “alternative” meant something, anything at all.  Buffalo Speedway is an exceptional collection of proof of just how talented and important The Valery Trails are.  The sound is not too extreme, but definitely not without sass and grind.  It is just loud enough to be exciting, but calm enough to not leave you in disarray after a complete listen.  It is an album that just leaves you feeling good all over.

If you enjoy solid guitar work, unique vocals, and wonderfully produced rock and roll songs, there is absolutely no excuse for you to not check out The Valery Trails and their sophomore release Buffalo Speedway.  If you can appreciate melodies, harmonies, and over calming sensations, this is the album you are supposed to be listening to right this second.  You owe it to yourself to throw this band’s sound into your life.

Buffalo Speedway will be available on April 29th, 2014.  Check out the band’s website for more information, and to hear a few tracks from the album.

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