Kathryn Caine and the Small Band: Kathryn Caine and the Small Band [Album]

Kathryn Caine and the Small BandWhen I first dropped down the digitalized and hypothetical needle onto this new record from Kathryn Caine, I found myself wondering just one thing: Why am I only hearing this now?  This self titled release with the Small Band is far from her first release as I would come to learn.  Caine has stunning audiences with her wonderful Americana meets country meets gritty Gospel infused vocals and songwriting for several years.  And although I am only now coming to know this twang laced songstress, it certainly feels as though she has never missed a beat as this is some down home goodness I am so happy to have discovered.

The album features a variation of lyric driven tracks, with guitar work that is reminiscent of some sort of floating dock in a country setting, with checkered tablecloth covered picnic tables spread about, and a feeling of happiness floating in the air.  Even when Caine belts out words about running away or crying as she does on “Beatle Song”, it is still so uplifting and powerful that if you know at sort of two step, you may just want to grab a partner and sway your problems as well as the night away.  It behooves me to state that I am not usually a fan of most country music.  And being quite the moody son of a bitch at times, good time music may not compute.  But when it comes to sounds like this, even my grumpy self can’t help but feel uplifted and with a feel of praise for this beautiful life we live in.

Kathryn Caine’s excellence comes mostly from her ability to take old and sometimes tired forms of Americana and country and making them new, fresh, and entirely unique.  And this album with the Small Band is about as perfect of an example for how great it can be to bring back the old days, when tears and whiskey and a little foot stomping reigned supreme.  For fans of the old days of down home music, you are not likely to find another album as wonderful as this one.

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