Anja McCloskey & Dan Whitehouse: Still EP [Album]

Anja McCloskey & Dan WhitehouseOr old friend with one of the sweetest voices and killer accordion skills in indie rock history, Anja McCloskey, is back once again!  And this time she has brought along the equally brilliant Birmingham (UK) based singer/songwriter Dan Whitehouse to help create the absolutely stunning and beautiful EP they have called Still.  Where Anja’s vocals are almost extravagant and sweetly exasperated, Dan’s soft folk heavy voice follows up with his own brand of sweetness and the delicacy of a dandelion in the light wind.  Seriously, we should feel so fortunate that these two fine folksmiths have found each other, and have shared their talents with the world.

Still is a small collection of tracks that will surely leave you breathless and begging for more when it ends, all too soon.  In fact, the only complaint I can come up with when listening to this album is that there just isn’t more of it!  But that being said, this is a brilliant sample of the treasures that McCloskey and Whitehouse have right on hand and available for you.  It seems trite and ridiculous to try and pick a standout track, but I do have to admit that “Petals” was probably on repeat the most.  It is one of the less complex tracks on the record, but that may very well be what is so damn compelling.  Let it be known, this is one of the finest displays of folk music this writer has heard since Robin Grey’s released our favorite album of 2011, Strangers With Shoes.  And it is not just that Whitehouse’s style is similar to Grey’s, it is that both of these artists are along the same lines of brilliant as him.

And if a few tracks turns out to be just not enough for you as it was for me, you may be in luck!  Well, if you find yourself in the Canada or Germany you will have a few great chances.  The duo will be doing a couple of shows in Anja’s current home country, as well as a nice little Canadian tour.  Check out these dates and see if you can make it!  You really owe it to yourself, you know.

9th January 2014 – House Concert in Kronprinzenkoog (Anja Only, w/Fredrick Kinborn and Mike Kenney)
10th January 2014 – Industriemuseum Elmshorn (Anja Only, w/Fredrick Kinborn and Mike Kenney)
11th January 2014 – The Boat that Rocks, Flensburg (Anja Only, w/Fredrick Kinborn and Mike Kenney)
24th January 2014 – Bozzini’s, Chilliwack, BC, Canada
25th January 2014 – Benoit’s Wine Bar, Revelstoke, BC, Canada

26th January 2014 – Wild Flour Bakery, Banff, AB, Canada
28th January 2014 – Harvest Coffee House, Pincher Creek, AB, Canada, 2pm
29th January 2014 – Centre 64, Kimberley, AB, Canada
30th January 2014 – Cafe Books West, Rossland, BC, Canada, 7pm
31st January 2014 – Minstrel Cafe and Bar, Kelowna, BC, Canada
1st February 2014 – The Art We Are, Kamloops, BC, Canada
2nd February 2014 – Cafe Deux Soleils, Vancouver, BC, Canada

You can also pre-order your copy of Still right HERE.  Official release date is January 20th 2014.

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