Small Bear Records presents Tinsel Machine [Album]

Tinsel MachineAnyone who knows me personally could rightfully attest to the fact that I am not a huge fan of the holiday season.  It’s cold, materialistic, and just down right annoying to be a part of.  Yes, I know it is a time to get with the family and express our love for one another and blah, blah, blah.  And yes, I partake in all the holiday events to keep the excitement alive in my children’s lives, but inside I am the ill-conceived love child of the Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge.  Only difference being that there hasn’t been a ghost or creepy looking 5-year-old to show me the error of my way.

And what is the most annoying part of the holidays for a snob like me?  It definite has to be the music.  I die inside a little more each time I hear about that dumb old woman who got run over by a reindeer.  Yes, whether it is songs about bells making their obvious tones, or some freak reindeer who must have been more near a nuclear power plant or some such place.  This is why I was sort of surprised when a dear friend of mine suggested that I check out a collection of “Christmas Songs” that was recently released by the brilliant indie label known as Small Bear Records.  On their second annual Christmas compilation, Small Bear pulls out the big guns with some of their finest artists as well as few guests.

There is a little bit of everything for everyone on this 16 track collection.  There is an alternative instrumental version of an old Christmas classic that I can actually dig, “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, performed by the great Nanaki.  Klur Confused & The Fuck Pigs have the nice little punk rock ditty that is aptly titled, “Fuck Christmas”.  46 perfect seconds if you ask me!  Even more enjoyable are brilliantly honest tracks like “There’s Nothing Very Interesting To Say About Snow” from Eight to Infinity and “Crushed at Christmas” by The Bordellos.  And our old pal Phil the Tremolo King in his infinite wisdom even shows up with a beautiful duel of instrumentals “A Walk In the Snow/Oh Tannenbaum”, which is absolutely delightful, even to my dear black heart.

Yes, I may not be a huge fan of this time of year.  And I seriously can’t stand some of the music.  But, occasionally something cool like what Small Bear Records has produced comes along to lift the spirits even an old Scrooge like me.  So if you are like me, find a little something to make yourself a bit happier this time of year with Small Bear Records’ Tinsel Machine.

Pick up a copy of Tinsel Machine on a name your price scale right HERE.

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One Response to Small Bear Records presents Tinsel Machine [Album]

  1. Hi, Ron.

    Phil from Small Bear here. Thanks very much for such a briliant review! Hope you have a cool Yule!

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