Christopher Douglas Reed [Interview]


A few years ago I fell in love with this little show on FX about biker gangs.  It seemed, at still does, so unrealistic but just plain tantalizing, especially for someone who could never attempt to pull of the biker persona.  I’ve been on a motorcycle once.  I was riding the proverbial “bitch” on a stretch between Biloxi Mississippi and New Orleans.  With my dad.  So, yeah, I am no bad ass over here, but dammit if this little show known as Sons of Anarchy on FX isn’t a beautiful soap opera for men, as my personal bike driver (Dad) would say.

And a few years ago SOA introduced a whole new batch of “prospects” to the show. A few guys attempting to work their way in to club, for reasons I could never understand.  But, that’s not up to me to figure out.  I just watch the mellow dramatic man problems and love it.  Of course I actually believe they introduced a bunch of new folks because they kept killing off all of the old ones!  No matter, one of those fine folks introduced became my one of my favorite characters.  He was known as Filthy Phil.  A heavyset errand boy for a little while, but eventually became a key member of SAMCRO in recent episodes.  Until, in good ole SOA fashion, they off one of the most beloved and sweet characters they have, whilst letting fucking Hellboy continue on letting the world burn.

Christopher Douglas Reed was mildly up and coming when he scored the gig as Filthy Phil.  The majority of his credits to date included local theatre in the San Diego area.  But then one day, he got the call that would change is his career to this day.  And even though SOA literally blew Filthy Phil’s mind away, we can all be pretty certain that the man behind the cut will be continue to be a household face and name in the world of entertainment, and we are so happy that we got to talk to Christopher about who really is, in comparison to the badass/nice guy persona he portrayed on Sons of Anarchy.  So ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for Mr. Christopher Douglas Reed!

I understand you were involved in the theatre world prior to landing the SOA gig.  What sort of productions, and where, were you a part of?  Any thoughts on going back to that route after success in television?

I got casts in a couple of shows at the La Jolla Playhouse. I did both Midsummer Night’s Dream and Tobacco Road.

Theatre is awesome. You get to be a part of creating something unique and tangible every night. It also doesn’t pay all that much. I made more in one day on SOA my first season than I did in a week doing a play. So it’s a little tough once you have an agent and manager to dedicate 2-3 months to a full production. I’m envious of the ones who manage to do so.

What was the atmosphere like when you were a part of the fictitious group SAMCRO?  Was there an actual family like feeling?

Absolutely. It’s one of the biggest reasons why the show is so good.

What sort of research or training did you find yourself participating in to take on the role as Filthy Phil?  Were already a rider prior to the show?

I was not a rider at all. I actually say that at the time I thought I would die not having rode one. The show had me get my license immediately upon hiring me but I didn’t actually ride a bike on camera till season 5.

When I got the gig I spoke with some guys I had known growing up who had either left or entered the MC world to get an idea of the world. And I watched a lot of Gangland, which didn’t really help that much.

If you were given the chance to work again on a motorcycle themed television show or film, would you do it?  Are you worried at all about being typecast in your future works?

Not as a motorcycle rider. But I would prefer to play characters who eat less junk food than Phil.

url-1How has the fan interaction been for you with SOA fans such as those who showed up at the World of Wheels?

The World of Wheels tour is such a blast. They have a really cool show and fans were usually pretty jazzed well before they got to me. Shows like that are amazing because they don’t charge for autographs and I get to meet a wider swath of our fan base, which is the best on TV. I hope I get to do more.

I understand you are going to be in an upcoming episode in the new season of Eastbound and Down.  That sounds absolutely fantastic.  Can you give us some insight as to what you will be doing?  And how was that experience for you?

Y’all, it’s gonna be epic. I was absolutely stoked to get the part. I’m a huge fan of the show and getting to play with Danny McBride and Co. was awesome. Kenny F’n Powers ya know?  I can’t say anything except I’ll be wearing a dope necklace.

Have you any aspirations to get behind the camera to write, produce, or direct?  Have you already?

Aspirations is an accurate term. I haven’t done anything yet.

Anything else brewing in the future now that SOA literally blew your mind away?  What sort of projects would you like to work on next?

The pipeline is currently empty. I was waiting on some calls when Charlie dropped outta 50 shades but my phone just stares blankly back at  me….

If you were told tomorrow that you could take any role, fictional or real, and you were guaranteed to land the gig, what would it be?

Star Wars.  King of the Ewoks.

I was reading some of your old posts from your blog Reedy To Rumble, and I came across a great little diatribe you wrote about calling yourself “an actor” and the sometimes turmoil that can cause your soul when others would judge you.  That was over two years ago.  How do you feel about your given occupation now?  

The VMA’s are fucking stupid.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

Peyton Manning losing to the Colts.

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