Grandhorse: Portraiturefolio [Album]

GrandhorseJust as I thought I was losing touch with the sound of my favorite musical city, to what should my wandering ears should I hear, but the latest band of merry PDXers to emerge from the land of fugitives and refugees, Grandhorse!  I most begin by clearly stating that I absolutely love this band and already have a preconceived bit of bias towards this wonderful group of guys.  But, that is not to say that Grandhorse and their debut album Portraiturefolio is not without merit of their own.  This is beautiful spaced out pop music that is driven my powerful chords and stimulating lyrical madness.  It’s not insanity, but this is a band that definitely pushes the pedal to the floor when steering through the often mellow dramatic world of Portland indie rock.

Grandhorse is a four piece band of wonderful folks who have, in some form or another, made their way through the grungy streets of PDX in their own ways before bonding together through mutual pairings to develop the wonderful product they have today.  Portraiturefolio is a beautiful example of what can happen when like-minded artists with the same goals in mind come together to create some modern magic.  Each of the 9 songs on this album speak almost directly for themselves, and are all equally powerful.  Although I do find myself skipping back to “Washington” during any given setting.  But, again, this is one of those rare gems that is a truly solid work of art.

Like many of the Grandhorse’s successors, it is easy to listen to them on a record and just know that to truly grasp the beauty they create, you have to see them live.  Because if the electricity the create on a record can be this magnetizing, one could only imagine how much fun it would be to see these cats spewing sad and/or uplifting lyrics right in front of your face.  That being said, it still behooves me to state that Portraiturefolio is an obvious last minute addition to the forthcoming lists of the best albums of 2013.  Without a shadow of a doubt.

Live in the Portland area?  Then be sure you have yourself down to The Press Club for a FREE show on November 2nd (that’s tomorrow)!  Grandhorse will be joined by Dedere (another fine band you will soon hear about here at TWS) and Reaver Drop for their official release of Portraiturefolio.  Find out more details HERE.

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