Blitzen Trapper: VII [Album]

Blitzen Trapper VIIOh yes, the boys are definitely back in town on their latest album which is aptly titled, VII to mark their seventh album since they broke out over ten years ago.  And it is suffice to say that Blitzen Trapper knocks it out of the park once again on the record that some people are calling their best work to date.  But, as an avid listener, fan, and digital stalker of the band, I know that people say this every time they put out a new record.  Hell, I have covered their last 4 records, and I think I did say that as well.  And I am not certain that it is constantly about BT always doing even better each time, I think it is that they just continue to impress us when we the fans are anticipating the release with so much zeal and excitement and we have yet to be let down.

Is VII  Blitzen Trapper’s best album to date?  I honestly don’t feel it is the right thing to say yes.  Is it a beautiful addition to one of the finest catalogs of music in recent years?  Oh hell yeah!  The album has every element we have grown to love from them over the last decade.  Their obvious lead off singer “Ever Loved Once” could have been called “Track 13” on American Goldwing, and “Don’t Be A Stranger” is another beautiful little folk ditty on par with anything from Furr or Destroyer of the Void.  And then there is the experimental, fuzz rock sound that was more predominate in their earlier work spread out throughout this album as well, more so than we had really heard of the years.  And of course, it just works so damn well.

They are a bit more modern on this record than we have heard in the past, which is definitely not a bad thing.  Of course, for me, Blitzen Trapper can track shit stained boots all across my living room carpet and I would save it as a memento.  So, I am a bit impartial.  But with good reason, as Blitzen Trapper has proven over and over again that they are one of the finest and hardest working bands out there working today.  Their music is overtly timeless, no matter how much modernism they attempt to convey.

Get your copy of VII from the band’s WEBSITE.  You will not want to miss this one!

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  3. Amy says:

    This is my kind of review. Finally, someone who gets it!!

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