Lonely & The Socialites: Connections [Album]

coverI can not convey just how happy it makes me to know that country-esque rockabilly music is still a vital asset in the musical world.  It is just a simple and beautiful way of creating some of the finest art imaginable.  It is heartfelt, crazy, and supplies and ample about of depression and/or fun with just a few strums of a steel guitar or banging around on the ole piano.  And I have to say, after one listen to Lonely & The Socialites on their recently released album Connections, I have faith in musicians once again.  These guys know what the hell I am talking about.

Connections is an album with a play list that is absolutely reminiscent of days past.  Days that most of us more than likely didn’t even have parents capable of producing the right amount of sperm to create another human being, let alone lived through.  But, of course we can be inspired by the times of then.  And Lonely & The Socialites definitely seem to garner influence from the glory days.  For straight up country and/or western vibes, “All I Have Is The Ring” is about as perfect as you will ever find.  And for the Springsteen style rock and roll, “She F****d Me Up” and “You Can’t Hide Behind Your Wild Hair” will leave your heart yearning to be rocked!  But, as the title might suggest, the rockingest moment of this album definitely occurs on the cut “Good Thing At the Party”.

Lonely & The Socialites is a good time have, good vibe creating, whimsical batch of very talented folks from across the U.S. who have managed to have their souls collide, and created an amazing new record that is as heartfelt as it is wildly entertaining.  Connections is definitely one of the years finest, and is not to be missed!

Get a copy of Connections for yourself right HERE.  You will not be disappointed!

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