The Sea The Sea [Band]

TheSeaTheSeaThe rapidly boiling success of new age folk and country-esque/Elliott Smith inspired melodramatic indie bands as of lately is pretty phenomenal.  And if that weren’t specific enough, there is also the male/female dueling vocals that have become quite popular as well.  In the 5 years I have been the internet’s answer to the kid who creates underground music zines in his high school principal’s office to share with his 4 friends, I have watched (or listened to, I suppose) so many of these great acts and frankly, I never get tired of them!  It’s just such a wholesome and enlightening experience to hear such beautiful lyric driven, stripped down, and simply beautiful songs that feel as though they are derived from the soul of a man and woman you don’t know.  And with that being said, I have found a few more gems in the songs of The Sea The Sea.

The Sea The Sea is just about as perfect as new folk groups can get.  And the beauty is in the truly entertaining brand of complicated simplicity they bring to their fans.  Much like their band’s namesake suggests, Mira Staley and Chuck E. Costa are two people who absolutely understand just how far you can go with a great set of pipes and the ability to write one hell of a ditty that gets your toes tapping and your heart burning.  On a personal level, this attributes shine the brightest on a track from their debut album, both of which are titled “Love We Are We Love”.  While the entirety of their debut album of the same title is wonderful, this is the track that does it for me.  It is just so damn catchy and filled with love and hope.  I’ve already had some brilliant sing a long moments with my wife and kids as this song rang throughout my Subaru Outback.

TheSeaTheSea2Whilst listening to a group like this, it is hard not to draw comparison to the recently successful Iceland base group Of Monsters and Men, who I can’t say enough good words about.  Except that folks need to realize that they are not a new concept.  They are simple the updated version of Mumford and Sons.  A group that is been individually singled out for one reason or another for doing what so many others have been doing for years.  And in the least pretentious way possible, I have to say that The Sea The Sea is a group that should be a model of perfection rather than a comparison. Then again, none of this really matters.  The Sea The Sea have proven themselves time and time again as they tour across the country having fans fall in love with them over and over again.  This is the sort of success we should be measuring.  The ability to be absolutely genius at what you do, and developing perfect songs about love, fate, despair, and longing for a far prettier world.  And this is exactly what a group as amazing as The Sea The Sea has managed to do.

The Sea The Sea will be performing at the 23rd Annual Rocky Mountain Folks Festival on August 18th.  If you find yourself anywhere near the Rockies around this time, you owe it to yourself to check out what will be your newest favorite band.  You also owe it to yourself to head over the their Website and pick up their beautiful self titled debut album.

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