Hailer: Anyway I Can [Single]

HealerAlthough Hailer may have a reputation for simple psychedelic rock and roll with some sort of strange derivative of the obscure scattered amongst their tunes, any wondering if these cats could create a pop-fused masterpiece should be completely dismissed as any chance of being fact when “Anyway I Can” begins to splinter your ear drums.  This is a song that could serve as the “interesting music in the background of any independent film from the 1990’s”.  I can only imagine how much Cameron Crowe would approve of a band like Healer.  This is grandiose stuff, this is fun.

Yes, this is an Australian act.  This fact almost makes me feel bad about the fact that their style reminds me of some of the classic English fuzz pop bands (specifically from Exeter) that I have become such a fan of over the last few years.  But, I will be damned if I didn’t feel as enlightened by their lyrics and mad rush fortitude that I find just as impressive as acts like Simon Bish and National Pastime.  Save for the more hardcore innuendos and electric guitar skills, the sound is similar and simply just as brilliant.  Yes, Hailer is a band that is been killing it for a while, but it definitely feels as though they have truly found their voice and skill.  This a band that the modern ages should listen to, and feel proud that something this phenomenal can still exist in this, our time of dying.

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  2. sarahsnook says:

    “I can only imagine how much Cameron Crowe would approve of a band like Healer”

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