Sadistik: Flowers For My Father [Album]

Sadistik - Flowers For My FatherAt this point, Cody Foster a.k.a. Sadistik is a household name down here at Trainwreck’d Society.  We have featured him.  We have interviewed him.  And now, we are kicking off his album review status here.  Sadistik released his first solo album since 2008, his delightfully compelling album Flowers For My Father.  And damn it as it is, Sir Cody has a whole lot to deal with over the last 5 years since his last album.  He watched his father pass, hence the name of the album.  And he also felt the loss of one of his cohorts and idols Michael Larsen, a.k.a. Eyedea.  And as sad as all of this is…. Sadistik has managed to create one of his finest works to date despite (or because of) the despair he has suffered over the last few years.

Flowers For My Father, in its entirety, is truly a wonderful showcase of a truly brilliant artist who obviously loves what he does for a living.  Each track is another story so beautifully told, it feels as though Sadistik is ripping his heart from his chest, throwing it in a pile of rose petals and carving his thoughts directly onto its surface.  Everything is so personal and bewildering it is almost hard to keep up, strategically leading a listener to give the album a couple of dozens of listens before truly feeling the album as a whole (or taking a shit eating music blogger months to do a simple write up for an album that came out months ago, sorry Cody!).

The man himself is definitely in good company on this album as well.  The friendship he has shared recently with indie songstress Anna-Lynne Williams has the internet going wild, and her cameo (as Lotte Kestner) on the utterly compelling cut “City of Amber” is definitely a combination of creativity that is an obvious highlight of the album.  Other notable cameos of the album come from Cage & Yes Alexander on “Russian Roulette”, Child Actor on “Palmreader”, and Deacon the Villain on “Kill The King”.  But it would behoove me to note that Sadistik rips it all on his lonesome on the opening cut “Petrichor”, which is a song that will surely be the short action soundtrack to this man’s already illustrious career.  This is the sort of album true hip hop fans have been waiting for.  Hip Hop as an art form is a relevant thing, and Mr. Foster, your favorite indie rockers favorite rapper, is here to smack some sense into all the naysayers out there.  And it is safe to say, he has made his point abundantly clear.

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