There Is No Mountain: There Is No Mountain [Album]

There Is No Mountain - There Is No MountainAbout 5 years ago I discovered this little band from Portland, Oregon that I found absolutely intriguing, they were known as The Ascetic Junkies.  And over the years, they became an absolute must on playlists and mixtapes (remember those?) I would make for the rest of my days thus far.  The spawned two amazing albums, and a brilliant short fed E.P.  But, as wonderful as they may have been, times change and things have to be done.  Creative spirits move with different cross winds against the musical spectrum.  In the several years I have been doing this music writing thing, I have watched a few of my “favorite” bands simply dissolve for one reason or another.  Thankfully, I seem to fall in love with such creative spirits that I know I will hear form them again.  And sometimes they come back better than ever.  This is no exception with the dissolving of the AJ’s, and the lead into a new beautiful creation form the front man and woman known as There Is No Mountain.  In fact, this is one of the greatest offsprings of a band I love since Her Ghost debuted after The Fenbi International Superstars became a thing of the past (another story that makes me cry).

With all the sap behind, let’s get focused.  There Is No Mountain is at its worst a beautiful recreation of all of the things we once loved about Kali and Matt from The AJ’s.  At its best, it is a completely original and truly creative take on everything the duo has learned over years of performing and a perfect example of growth in the human mind.  Nothing proves this point better than the beautiful tracks “Good News” and “The Nail Salon”.  While at first listen they seem to be some sort of reincarnation of the past, they soon shift into a strange psych filled folk that we haven’t really heard from them in times past.  And it really doesn’t stop there!  The opening cut “Owl Hymn” and a latter track “I’m Not Convinced” actually – wait for it- ROCKS SO HARD!  Alright, well, maybe the tracks are still just as light hearted and pretty as you would come to expect, but, the electricity that is heard and more importantly felt in these tracks is undeniable and much harder than a trusted fan might be used to.  And I will be damned if they don’t absolutely kill it.

There Is No Mountain

There Is No Mountain’s debut album is, in itself, a beautiful album.  If I hadn’t been a huge Ascetic Junkies fan in my own right, I guarantee I would have still heard this album and absolutely fell in love.  Yes, it could very well be just the continuation of Kali and Matt that keeps me so entranced, but I am sure there is something more.  It certainly feels as though the is lovely couple as realized that what they have is something very special, but it could be fun to change things up just a bit, which seems to be exactly what they have done.  And I want to put it on the record as saying that they have not only done just that, but, they have created the finest records of the year thus far!

And with that, be sure to catch There Is No Mountain in a city near you!  They are playing across the country as this is going to “press”.  They have already traveled thousands of miles from Portland, but they are still looking to double back home!  Check out their tour dates, and find yourself wherever they are to catch what is sure to be an absolutely lovely evening that will leave you with a giant smile on your face, and a swelling in your heart.

For a complete list of shows from There Is No Mountain, just stop by HERE.

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