Lotte Kestner: The Bluebird of Happiness [Album]

Lotte Kestner - The Bluebird of HappinessOh Lotte Kestner.  Lotte, Lotte, Lotte.  It is incredible how you never cease to surprise your adoring fans.  For so many years you have never failed to impress us time and time again.  You continuously validate yourself as the owner of a pair of the finest vocal chords in the business today.  And you only seem to be getting better and better.  The Bluebird of Happiness is the third album that the legendary Anna-Lynne Williams has released under the pseudo name Lotte Kestner, and her second album chock filled with (mostly) original tracks.  And what a damn gem to say the least.  I can think of no better follow up to her amazing album of covers known as Stolen, than this beautiful album.

  To put it bluntly, this is such a pretty album.  It is a perfect collection of brilliantly versed, wonderfully comprised works of art.  Each track is as wonderful as the next, and at the very least is a wonderful continuation of Lotte Kestner’s debut album China Mountain.  And of course it would behoove me not to bring up that, yes, The Bluebird of Happiness contains her now praised cover of Beyonce’s “Halo”, which has received a great amount of attention on the inter webs, and deservingly so.  While I may personally choose tracks like “Cliff”, “Wrestler”, or “Turn The Wolves” as far superior tracks, it is undeniable that Anna-Lynne Williams has managed to re-create a beloved song in the pop world, and made it all her own.  But, each track on this album is absolutely brilliant and worthy of an abundance of listenings over a couple of bottles of wines and a few smiles amongst friends.

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