Brittany Howard & Ruby Amanfu: I Wonder/When My Man Comes Home [7” Single]


It only takes seconds into hearing this cover of Rodriguez’s “I Wonder” before you will realize one simple fact:  This shit is gold.  The pairing of Alabama Shake’s Brittany Howard and Ruby Amanfu, the stunning vocalists we all heard from Jack White’s song “Love Interpretation” a little while ago, is a match that was clearly made in heaven.  Or in a bar.  A dusty old bar loaded with angels of all different varaties.  Their sultry yet sweet takes on two very different tracks are undeniably breathtaking.

“When My Man Comes Home” is technically the B-Side of the single, but clearly it doesn’t matter.  Both tracks are worthy of spotlight notarity.  There are many things that could be said about this B-Side, but sadly a YouTube comment pulled the rug right out from under me describing the track exactly as I was hoping to print – hipster blues ala Jack White.  Damn you grantzprice, whoever you are!  No matter, the point to make here is that Howard and Amanfu are an illustrious duo with the power to ravish your soul, and steal your heart.  This is unique, charming, and just downright soulful to put it mildly.

Pick up your copy of the 7” vinyl on March 12th from Third Man Records.

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