Bodi: The Fall of Atlas [Album]

Bodi - The Fall of AtlasThe genre “Alternative Hip Hop” has been making a splash in the underworld for a long time, and has eventually moved itself onto the main stage.  But frankly, I am sick and tired of the tag, “alternative”.  It is the same bullshit brand that got stuck upon rock music in the 90’s, another genre of music that was viewed as an alternative to the main stream brand.  I am personally sick and tired of fine artists with true talent and something real to say being considering simply an alternative to something bland.  This is an absolute insult, and must be stopped, as guilty as I am for using the same terms.  Bodi is hip hop.  The Fall of Atlas is a hip hop album.  Better yet, it is a genius hip hop album.  It is an album with soul, spirit, and the guts to destroy whatever demons might try to hold its master Bodi back from achieving whatever the hell he years to achieve.

By far my favorite track from this amazingly prolific record has to be “Prologue”.  It is just so entirely honest in its content that it will make you ponder all the lies you have been telling yourself over the years, as well as the lies you may continue to spew.  And it doesn’t hurt that such an all-inclusive and testament to honesty also features the brilliant voice of the finest female vocalist in the business today.  “Clotho” (as I have previously mentioned, here) is another perfect track that rips apart what we always thought was self recognition out of selflessness.  And it is such a joy to here Bodi rap among his peers such as Sadistik on “Pandora”, Kristoff Kane on “Epilogue”, and Cas One on “Prometheus”.  And so much thanks has to be given to Bodi for introducing, to me at least, such talented artists like Murder Dice, Jean Grae, M.anifest, and so many more that are featured on this album.  And if you have soul at all, a song like “Valkyrie” will have you choking up tears when Bodi and Dice’s verses are chased by the Ebenezer Children’s Orphanage with such valance and and a touching intensity.

If it weren’t obvious, I can’t say enough good things about The Fall of Atlas.  I have been an fan of Alexander Hallet’s work since I heard the first volume of Alexipharmic’s Good Side of Bad countless years ago.  And while I have enjoyed the likes of the “alternative” pioneers like Slug, Sage Francis, Eyedea (R.I.P.) for even longer, it was this man who made me despise what I considered to be the given truth.  The given truth that hip hop was a dead sport ran by venomous bafoons, and we were in need of an alternative.  I no longer believe this to be true.  I believe Bodi is hip hop as it was meant to be.  Bodi is a perfect example of what what we should aspire to be as people, not just what we should listen to.  This is genius.  This is gold.  This is Bodi.

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3 Responses to Bodi: The Fall of Atlas [Album]

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  3. bodi says:

    thank you for such a great review, brother. much love!

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