Tara Lynne Barr [Interview]

Tara Lynne Barr

We have something new here for you fine folks!  The youth!  Not too say that age truly matters and that there is not wisdom to be found in our elders, but hey, it’s something certainly new around here.  And not only young, but excitingly brilliant in her craft!  Tara Lynne Barr excited audiences in the Bobcat Goldwaith directed mass murder (sort of) comedy God Bless America about a middle aged man and a young woman who partake in a cross country adventure massacring the most devilish of creatures.  Like Green Day fans and the cast of the Jersey Shore.  You know, the ones who truly deserve thine wrath.  It was a brilliant film that actually spoke a very fine message to the world, even through what might be the blackest of black humor I have ever witnessed.

Barr should exceptional grace in this film, and is easely a prospect to be one of the next great American actresses in line with the likes of Chloe Sevigny, Evan Rachael Wood, or Scarlett Johansson.  Yet she stands alone as a soon to be singularly recognizable character as well with a stamina unbeknownst to the world of acting before.  And we are so glad she decided to take a few moments to talk with us about God Bless America, the rest of her already impressive body of work, and what we will be seeing in the years to come.  Woody Allen you better be ready.  Enjoy!


We constantly hear about the struggles of being a child star. Overall, how was it for you?

That’s funny, I never really considered myself a child star. At that point, it was more of a hobby. But I
still felt like a normal kid through it all. I went to regular school and did things outside of acting. In retrospect,
I’m glad I did that. Now I have real experiences in my life that can inform my acting. YAY normalcy!

You were absolutely phenomenal in God Bless America. Although we know you would 
never go on a mass murdering spree, please tell us how much of the content did you
agree with as far as the problems in our country?

About 99.9% of it. Maybe not the part about killing people who give high-fives because I would definitely be included in that category, I’m sorry to admit. And I might want to dress my maybe-future-child in cool band t-shirts one day. But the general idea of people being kind to one another is something I stand by completely. Compassion is an important part of a functioning society.

What intrigued you to take on the role?

Well, I came across it as I do most jobs which is just an audition. But after I read the script I knew there
was something special about Roxy. It’s rare when you come across a role for a teenage girl that is into
Alice Cooper and Star Trek and curses like a sailor. She really grew on me.

Tara Lynne Barr2
Have you had to deal with much controversy over the film? Has Billy Joe Armstrong called you out yet?

People have been surprisingly receptive to the movie, actually. We haven’t had to deal with much controversy. Of course there are crazies on the internet who think Bobcat Goldthwait is scum and we should all be systematically shot by a firing squad but most people who watch it  can look past the violence and see the message behind it.

Can you tell us about your upcoming film Rebel City Rumble

Rebel City Rumble was written by a really talented guy named Stephen Lourdes, who will be directing it as well. It’s basically a fast-paced gangster romance set in a fictional place called Rebel City. Very stylish. I’ll be playing RK Keane, who is the kid girlfriend of a gangster. She’s a very fiery, confident young woman. Similar to Roxy, but with a little more sex.

What do you personally believe to be the most rewarding thing about acting?

MONEY! Kidding. Well, without sounding pretentious, becoming another person for a short time is really fun.
And truthfully, it’s like a big game of pretend when you really get down to the bare bones of it. As a kid,
I got a real kick out of it and now as an adult, I find it challenging and rewarding and it’s a priviledge to be able
to do it for a living.

Tara Lynne Barr4Do you have any ambitions of getting behind the camera? 

Of course! I’m so in love with filmmaking as a whole that I couldn’t just be an actor my entire life. I’d definitely like to write.  Maybe direct. I really admire director/writer/producer women like Lena Dunham and Kathryn Bigelow who have broken out of the typical conventions set for females in the film industry. I’d like to blaze trails like those women.
Since you are by far the youngest person we have had the honor of interviewing here at Trainwreck’d, I think we should do the right thing and ask… Where do you see yourself in ten years (as some of those we interview might answer “retirement”)? What is one major goal you would like to accomplish?

In then years, I see myself working like a madwoman. I’m serious. I’m taking no prisoners. I’d like to go from film to film working with funny, smart, creative folks who will make my work better. A goal I’d like to accomplish is to have written a thing or two of my own by then. And I would kill to work with Tarantino or the Coen Brothers or Woody Allen by then. KILL.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

Thinking about working with Tarantino or the Coen Brothers or Woody Allen. Ah…


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