Zane Lamprey [Interview]


Beer is great.  There really isn’t a better way to put it.  Given the right circumstances, and the right attitutdes, nothing really brings people together quite like a nice cold beer in any variation you may prefer.  And few people understand this like the one and only Zane Lamprey.  Lamprey has become a household name in the world of booze and travel.  Even food.  Zane has brought his comedy to the world whilst hosting shows like Have Fork Will Travel and Three Sheets, as well as his own books, comedy tours, and even a recently released drinking game that seems absolutely exhilirating and a whole lot of fun depending on how competative you really are!
We were fortunate enough to steal a few words from Zane when he had a break from globe trotting and globe drinking.  So crack open a can of cheap swill or maybe a tall bottle of your hipster friendly IPA, and enjoy a few words from a modern day messiah of the drunken empire.  Enjoy!

What led you into the world of comedy?  Did you know you wanted to be a comedian at a young age?  Dysfunctional childhood?

I think comedians make a choice when they’re younger– fight your way through problems (at home and at school), or joke your way through them.  I wasn’t much of a badass growing up, so I chose the funny route.  I started out as a “wise ass”, but slowly, and painfully, honed my craft.  I’m still a wise ass, but I also know when to shut up.

When was the last time you walked into a bar and actually had to pay for a drink?


How have you adjusted to celebrityhood and being the bitter envy of almost every male on the planet? (Explain)

I don’t think of myself any differently than I did a decade ago.  So, when someone comes up and tells me that they like what I do, or tells me about an episode that they like, it means a lot to me.  I think because I’m genuine about what I do, and truly grateful for the opportunities that I’ve been given, people see that.  I would say I’m very “approachable”, because I get approached all the time– especially when I’m out drinking.

Zane Lamprey's Holiday Dice Game!  Available now!

Zane Lamprey’s Holiday Dice Game! Available now!

Can you tell us a bit about one of your little known gems entitled Wee Sing with Wee Friends.  How did this come to light.  Will we ever seen a return of Mouse, Turtle, and Porcupine?

Oh, jeez… At one point I ran an animation company called Santa Monica Animation.  We had some amazing technology, like motion capture and great studios.  I hired some actors to put on the motion capture suits and to do the voice over, but in the end, people weren’t happy with the job they did, so I put on the suit, learned the songs and did the voices (and singing).  Did I mention that it was for pre-school aged children?  So, in a word– No.  My days of Mouse, Turtle and Porcupine are behind me.

What do you consider your greatest personal achievement in your career thus far?  Why?

For me, it’s my success in translating the small successes I’ve had on TV into other ventures, like my comedy tours, Pleepleus brand clothing and drinking games, and Monkey Rum, which launches in 2013.  My dad was an entrepreneur.  He owned and operated an elevator business, but he was always coming up with other ventures.  He even had several patents.  I’ve got that in my DNA.  I’m always looking ahead and trying to figure out how to best capitalize on my successes.

You have been across the globe, scouring the earth for great original drinks and foods.  Is there any place you haven’t been yet but feel you must go?  Where and why?

Oddly enough, the shows never brought me to Paris or Rome.  So, I went on vacation there last spring.  I definitely ate and drank my share.  Either that, or my pants shrank because of the time zones…

If you could share a drink with any famous television dad in history, who would it be and why?  What do you think they would drink?

Peter Griffin.  That fool’s crazy.  Beer.

 You’re actually a pretty tough guy to think up questions for.  Your career is so specifically oriented, and the same constant questions are destined to arise… with that, when you’re not drinking creatively, what could a person find you doing during your down time?

You definitely made me think.  Usually the questions are: Favorite drink? Favorite country?  Favorite hangover cure?  So kudos for making me work at it.  My answer to that question would be working and spending time with my family.  There’s the persona and the person.  As a person, I once tweeted something about being at my office.  People who know me just as the persona from TV didn’t understand why I even had an office.  They thought I was always at the bar having fun.  That’s fine by me!

zanelampreydmeWhat was the last thing that made you smile?

My wife.  She just said “When you’re done with that interview, can you take out the garbage?”.  Back to reality!


Be sure to head to to keep up with Zane and his antics!  And go ahead a pick up his latest dice drinking game!

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