Sarah Jaffe [Artist]

Photo by Dylan Hollingsworth

For some of us, hearing someone like Adele preach to us about love loss and the pain of being pure at heart just won’t cut it really.  For some of us it takes more than an impressive set of pipes to make us swoon musically.  Some of us require a greater sense of artistic amplitude.  We need to actually feel for the lady behind the mic.  And for some of us (should be all of us), we have Sarah Jaffe.

Sarah Jaffe is not only one of the members of the estranged group of musicians who are unknowingly changing the world of music as we know it, she could very well be the ringleader.  The ever shifting times are creating some many fine musicians that it is almost too hard to keep up.  But, obviously worth it to try.  The experimental elements in which she so eloquently mixes in with indie roots is sensational.  She posses the charisma of Janelle Monae, but has a voice comparable to the likes of Anna Lynn Williams.  And her amazing album, The Body Wins (released last April), exemplifies all of this and more.

Jaffe also has the distinct ability to create a smashing single.  Her track “Glorified High” could very well be one of the finest tracks to come out in 2012.  It is a raw, in your god damned face, track that is as entertaining as it is uplifting as it permeates through your skin and directly into your heart.  While the entire track list of The Body Wins is impeccable in it’s own right, it’s pretty hard not to bring yourself back to this incredible track.

It’s been a while since Jaffe dropped her latest album, and one can only fathom the genius she has been stirring up, and we all wait patiently to hear it.  Until then, if you have not had the distinct pleasure of checking out Sarah and The Body Wins, head on over to her website to check it out.

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