Darling Pet Munkee: You Better Believe It [Album]

What do you get when you combine the freakishly awesome guitar licks of Axemunkee’s Catherine Capozzi, with the eclectic and original talents of Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola’s project Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling?  Well, besides another very clever band name, you get some damn fine rock and roll!  Ghoulishly delightful, If you will allow it.

Darling Pet Munkee’s second release, You Better Believe It, seems to pick up right where their debut EP, Glows In The Dark, last left us.  Here we have 7 new spook rock tracks that as delightfully scary as they are purely entertaining.  Capozzi is an absolute madwoman on the electrics.  Whether she’s throwing down hardcore blues riffs (“Grow Man Grow (Ladies Too)”), or slamming down grunged out riffs on the hypnotic (all pun intended) track “Hypno-Coin”.  And When Michael and Sophia swap vocal duties in such a smooth manner, it really starts to feel as though this trio of brilliance morphed into one musical beast, similar to the strange characters they write their songs based around.

For fans of Axemunkee, and the plethora of acts Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola are already involved in, this is a trio that probably just makes perfect sense to you.  If you ears are pure of the insanity, prepare to have your ear drums pierced, shaved, and then tendered for the frying.  And You Better Believe It is an amazing album to hear whilst losing your freaking mind.  With elements of classic rock, elements of occult like fantasies, and a freakishly brilliant crew, there is nothing here you will not love.

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