Good Old War: Live at The Knitting Factory in Spokane, WA [10.28.12]

There is a peculiar feeling when you pay good money to go to a show at mid-sized venue, pack yourself amongst the crowds of adoring fans, fight for a proper place to view and maybe take a few pictures for your minimalist blog, and wait…..for the opening act.  Well, maybe the second of three acts in this case.  Either way, standing amongst several hundred people, 90% of which are there to see the main act.  This has happened to me twice, here in Spokane, and at the same Knitting Factory.  When Blitzen Trapper rolled into town last month in support of The Head and the Heart, I was definitely there for them.  Although I was once a simple listener of The Head and the Heart, and I later became obsessed after the show.

But, last night was different.  This time I felt as though I, and my wife beside me, were the only two people in the room that were there strictly to watch the amazing and energetic trio from Philly, Good Old War, rock the house. But, just as I expected, they came, they performed, they conquered it.  Some might even say they “crushed it”, and definitely left this metropolis of the Eastern Washington with a whole new hoard of fans (The rush to the merch table was a good indication, that poor girl seemed petrified!) and left the stage after just a half an hour with thunderous applause and the blistering conversations of just about everyone in the room saying things like: “Wow, they really surprised me” or “Where’s that fucking merch table!!”.  And I can’t lie, I felt like a proud parent.  Or maybe just a disconcerting hipster when I watched this band I have adored for a very long time, get their spotlight on.  It was the same peculiar notion I felt when drummer Tim Arnold agreed to an interview here at Trianwreck’d, and when i saw the guys perform “Better Weather” on Conan.  I know all the clichés are there, but dammit it is great to watch a band receive the recognition it so clearly deserves.  And yes, to know that you “knew them long ago”.

As you could have already concluded, the show was fantastic.  With a set list that included a variety from their amazing catalog, what’s not to love?  They swapped vocal duties, harmonized, covered Harry Belafonte in the most hilarious and brilliant fashion, and guitarist Keith Goodwin even managed to play a guitar on top of a guitar (as an internet geek, I instantly thought of those Xzibit memes).  And just as I expected, their smash hit “Amazing Eyes” left the crowd shell-shocked and genuinely moved, to put it lightly.  I had heard so much about how exciting a Good Old War show can be, but the guys truly exceeded all my expectations.

And as the lights dimmed down upon the illustrious trio, they owned the place.  And I felt there was never any reason to fret, for I knew that my guys would a major hit.  The headliners, Need To Breathe, may have brought in the fans based upon their own following, but they sure made a damn good choice in having Keith, Tim, and Dan warm up the crowd for them.  And I believe this is what makes the show going experience so special.  Your notions of how great a band is going to be is already pre-conceived and will more than likely be biased (obviously I am the king of bias behavior).  But, it’s the rest of the experience, the new things, that are make show going an impeccable experience.  And while I didn’t take my own advice, and actually left the show before the main act went on (Babysitters, you know?), I still felt the energy and was left stunned.  And I left with the great feeling that the boys of Good Old War had done it again, and felt encouraged and blissful to know that these cats are thousands of miles away from their home, meaning they have once again trekked across this country spreading their gift and good vibes all around.  I can with all affirmation and conveyance say that the only war worth spreading around, is Good Old War.

Stay in touch with the boys of Good Old War through their website, and be sure to check out a show when they are in a city near you (The almost always are!).  Also don’t forget to check out our interview with drummer Tim Arnold from last July.

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