Jamie Jones [Interview]

For children of the 90’s such as myself, or R&B lovers alike, or anybody who has been able to hear for the last twenty years, you know Jamie Jones.  You know him as 1/4 the amazing multi-platinum, Grammy winning foursome known the world over as All-4-One.  All-4-One came to reach success in 1994 with their debut self-titled album that rock the nation oh so smoothly with their hit single, “I Swear” which has now been dubbed one of the greatest love songs of the 20th century, and likely to be of all time.

All-4-One was a sensation to erupt in the mid 90’s, along with the likes of Boyz II Men, Brandy, and Soul 4 Real.  For those of you too young to remember directly, this was before the explosion of the disgusting time in our history that would be the boy band, pop princess era.  So many artists, with actual talent, were almost entirely wiped off the mainstream media map because of the obsession of the youth (sadly, my very own generation) with these prepubescent creatures like NSYNC, Britney Spears, O-Town, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, etc.  But, for the true fans, they never dissolved.  And one stand out group that has continued to flourish in their own right has been All-4-One.  They’ve continued to record music and astonish millions with their live showings throughout all of Asia, Europe, and back to the states alike.  In 2009 the group released their first album in the US in quite some time entitled No Regrets.  The result was an amazing comeback that exemplified the wonderful mixture of soul and blues that made the group such a hit 15 years prior.  Proving once again, that talent will always override exposure in the world of rhythm and blues.

And Jamie Jones has been their every step of the way.  And the years since “I Swear” first hit the airwaves have been pretty damn good to him.  His voice is more than intact, it has flourished.  His talent is as overwhelmingly superior to so many others as it ever has been.  He’s putting in some solo efforts, continuing work with his amazing production team The Heavyweights, and of course, gearing up for another All-4-One album that will likely sweep us off our feet and rip out our heart strings once again.  We were fortunate enough to steal a few words from Mr. Jones himself.  Let’s see what he has shakin’.  Enjoy!

All-4-One’s amazing 2009 release, No Regrets, is a beautiful blend of new and old school R&B.  Was it a challenge to keep your old style valiant, while still hoping to appeal to a whole new audience?

First off thank you. We just tried to stay true to who we are instead of trying to chase trends or anything else.

The album’s sweetest and obvious highlighted track “My Child” sounds insanely personal.  Is it directly related to yours, or another member’s, life?

It wasn’t personal at all. I did the music and gave Delious the instrumental and he came back with that idea. My best friend was going through that at the time so I did use him as inspiration.

You spent the first half of this millenium touring extensively, and almost exclusively throughout Asia and Europe, even having an album on released in Asia.  How did those years abroad effect you as an artist today?

 Those years really grew us as singers and performers. It also taught us how to perform and relate to different types of audiences.

You’re 1994 single “I Swear” is considered by the ASCAP, and listeners alike, as one of the greatest love songs of the 20th century.  Why do you think this is?  How does a track become such an amazing song on such a beautiful, yet sometimes complicated, issue such as love?

One thing I think of all the time when I’m writing is that I’m not just writing songs, I’m writing emotions. Music has a way of attaching itself to your memories and emotions. A great song like I Swear touches people right where it counts. It also allows people to say the things they wanna say, but don’t know how to say.

How did your production team, The Heavyweights come to be?

It started back in 1997 when my partner Jason and I did a song together for my wedding.  I met our other partner Jack around 2001. All-4-One had been asked to sing on a charity song he wrote called “Love Shouldn’t Hurt”. We hooked up to write and have been partners ever since.

The Heavyweights have been known to cross boundaries into the likes of hip hop music.  Do you ever see yourself experimenting in that field as a singer turned rapper?  

I am a secret rapper, but I’ll never do it for real as a whole CD. Maybe a verse here or there.

I always have to ask…where do you keep your Grammy?

Over my fireplace in my living room.

What is in store for Jamie Jones personally, as well as All-4-One?

I’ve been working on a solo R&B project. You’ll hear it really soon. I’m also getting some new music together for the group to also record soon.   I’ll be tweeting about it so stay in touch at twitter.com/jjones26

What was the last thing that made you smile?

Your last question : >)

Discover more Jame Jones and All-4-One news at their website.

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