The Memorials: Delirium [Album]

The wild and ready Viveca Hawkins and prodigal son Thomas Pridgen are back for more this year!  It’s hard to believe, or even consider the idea, that they were due for another release already.  No dust has fallen upon the cover of my own copy of their debut album.  I still find myself in a frenzied stir of rock and roll dreams as I indulge in their perpetually well-mannered form of rock and roll anarchy.  But, alas, the cherry on the top has arrived.  The Memorials are back in a strangely different, and actually far superior way.  I didn’t believe it to be possible either, but you have to hear this album.

The sophomore effort from The Memorials is not just a collection of spastic, well timed tracks for our amusement.  No, Delirium is nothing short of a rock and roll opus.  The tracks are extensive in length, which will leave you spinning out of control, and even after 9 minutes or so you will be clenching your teeth while you beg for more.  The spirit of Delirium is intense to say the least.  This album is the soundtrack to a high paced taxi ride through Times Square with a driver tripping balls on benzidrine and cocaine, all the while telling you his feelings.  The guitar work is exasperating sound, leaving you drenched to the bone in sweat and jealousy of how shitty you play guitar yourself.  And, as could only be expected, Pridgen’s drum work is phenomenal and rightfully overexemplified which leads to us getting to hear Thomas at the highest point of his career.   The final track of the album, ‘Mr. Entitled” also features some absolutely mind blowing saxophone and flute work that will definitely surprise you ears and senses.  And of course this said track is fronted by Hawkins’s dubiously beautiful vocal chords that battle the likes of Jill Scott or Keyshia Cole.  Only badass!

Yes, these cats are absolutely incredible.  It was staggering to hear at first, as I just could not imagine such improvement and drastic change in a group that I have come to know and love so whole heartedly.  It is becoming bloody obvious that The Memorials are going to have a time spanning career that will constantly be filled with the pressures of constantly out doing their last turnout.  But, I am willing to believe that they are up to the task, and we the listeners shall never be let down.  Tough job for them, but awesome deal for us!  Just as a memorial should do, this a band that will stand as a true testament of what could be, but rarely is, done to rock and roll in this day and age.

The Memorial’s sophomore album, Delirium, drops on June 5th.  Check out the bands website for more details.  Also check out this great mention of the band on NPR’s All Things Considered.  If you can’t take my word for it, you have to believe NPR, right?

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