Mainly Lanes: Oomami [Album]

There is something so wonderful about simply “having” to love a group. When you discover a new band that seems to fit the prototype of exactly what you want to hear, it is a beautiful thing. What is even more special is when said band steps upon your line of acceptance, and kicks it into a zig zag pattern that pushes your own limitations, and exposes you to fresh new ideas you might have never considered. This is exactly what Mainly Lanes have done to standard indie pop on their debut album, Oomami. They take seemingly ambitious and joy oriented pop songs, and stabs them in the proverbial throat with lyrics about suicide, isolation, and why you are an asshole.

Now, Mainly Lane’s Alanis Morissette circa ’95 attitude is not always prevalent. For example, the track “Global Warming”, though the word “hate” is thrown in more than the word “ass” in an Akon song, it’s lyrics are much more lovely (I hate global warming/ because I want to go snowboarding with you!). “My Hero”, with it’s incredibly mild attitude yet pain staking violent lyrics, features a strange Opera like interlude in the middle of the track that is so perfectly out of place that it fits oh so well (look for an even greater example in “Keep The Quit”). The entire play list of Oomami is one that slips and slides through a spectacular bevy of emotions that are definitely worth a full listen.

Front woman Toni Zaman’s vocals are very much in tune with the more smiling and pretty side of indie pop, but Mainly Lanes goes beyond such simplicity. And Oomami is a brilliantly developed exposure of their insatiable seperation from the relaxed and flower riddled sort of indie pop we are used to hearing from female fronted groups. This is not to say these happy go lucky songstresses aren’t wonderful, but this is a group that disregards any sort of standard stereotypes you could possibly try and throw their way.

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4 Responses to Mainly Lanes: Oomami [Album]

  1. laura says:

    I have been trying to find your Global Warming song for about two months now! I heard it on a random college station I think. I can’t remember. But I loved it and still do! I just can’t find it to listen to it! Not even on youtube. So I’m thinking ‘youtube’ must be a bad word around these parts ;o)

  2. alane says:

    Mainly Lanes is glad you came across us. How’d that happen? Are we still getting airplay somewhere?

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