Top 37 1/2 Albums of 2010

Well, it’s Christmas Eve.  To some people, this means nothing.  I’m likely one of these people.  No matter, there is one thing we can all love and agree upon….a new year of music is on the way!  Which means we continue the process of recollecting on the years passed.  And in anticipation of a 2011 end of year list, I shall continue to showcase some of my favorite albums from the years passed.  So, here we have for you the best of the best in 2010.  Enjoy!


The year seemed to kick off slow.  But, when summer finally hit, it became obvious that it was actually going to be a pretty decent year.  Of course, there are also 5 repeat offenders from last year’s list, (as well as a solo project of one member that was last year’s number one spot holder, No Go Know) who came back this year and rocked it even harder.  And maybe it was the recission, but 2010 seemed to be a great year for EP releases, (check out “Recission Proof Music” for my favorite EP’s at so the 1/2 spot was a pretty tough one to fill.  But, in the end, out of probably 100+ candidates, here are my official Top 37 1/2 Albums of 2010.

***Note:  The Band Name, Album Title is a link to my past reviews of said album (or a single or video from the album), My dear friend and editor Andy Fensetermaker’s review, fellow Fensepost contributor Cyndi Kimmel, or a website pertaining to that particular album.  Enjoy!***

37 1/2.  The Fenbi International Superstars: The Fenbi International Superstars EP

37.  Andy Gassaway – Hellfire

36.  Jews and Catholics – Who Are?  We Think We Are!

35.  J Minus – Devil Music

34.  Jack James – Quarter Life Crisis

31.  We Read Minds – We Read Minds

30.  A Fine Day For Sailing – Sand Box

29.  Menomena – Mines

28.  Trances Arc – TA

So there you have it folks!  What I consider to be the most glorious of the gloryful in the year of your Lord 2010.

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  2. Mike says:

    I’m a fan of this 😉

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