Mesmer: The Ghost of a Tennis Court [Album]

Europe (more specifically, all of Europe besides the UK, Sweden, & France) have never let go of the sound shaping electronic poetics that the U.S. rarely sees done on a regular basis. Sure, we will always have our well known and credible pyschedelia artists, but we bounce around in the pop world a bit too much to ever bring a band like say, Simple Minds, back in the spotlight. But over in the land of our founding fathers’ fathers, a band like Mesmerhas room to run. And an album like The Ghost of A Tennis Court is the soundtrack to their existence.

Listening to this album is similar to hearing The Cure for the first time….first time sober that is. The energy is so pure and well groomed. Before things get too out of hand, Mesmer settles it down and brings in the hollowed vocals that sound like they are being brought to you from the end of a supernatural hallway. Except for the amped up punk rock meets Tom Jones “On Fire”. There’s no rationalization as to why it’s okay to piss yourself when this acid fused track kicks out. Just clean up the urine, and move on. Then move over to “Teenage Dreams” to dance around to a John Hughes worthy prom song.

Yes, our boys from Finland have found a way to spread their appeal to a much wider audience. Everyone wants to conquer the world at some point. Few try too hard. Some not enough. Some just rely on their ability to discuss nature and nobility in a strange manner. Hence, the power of Mesmer. No, they’re not likely to take over the world. But, they are sure to stir it up before they leave.

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