Neil Nathan [Artist]

Photo by Nicole Szalewski

Neil Nathan is an impeccably brilliant pop rock mastermind.  Anyone how has ever heard his precarious melodies and savory hooks even just one time can attest to these claims.  The man has an exuberant way about him that simply screams brilliance louder than a protester in Tunisia.  His lyrics are like a hotel key card letting you in on the spiritual adventure that is a continual voyage in Neil’s head.  And ever since said mastermind released his debut album The Distance Calls in the summer of 2010, the voyage has been never-ending.

Everybody has a few tracks in their mental library that always show up during the essential playlist induction to the newest version of iTunes.  For this lowly music blogger, Neil Nathan’s “California Run” makes constant appearances alongside Dylan’s “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” and Blitzen Trapper’s “Below The Hurricane”.  Nathan is undoubtedly on par with some of the greatest singer/songwriters in history.  Whether or not his genius has been fully reprimanded is of no real concern.  He makes brilliant songs, works with brilliant artists, and has the dutiful fortitude to wander down a path littered with of pretentious free prose that can leave you feeling mystified in less than 4 minutes.

And the illustrious Mr. Nathan has proved lately that his talents go far beyond just being a personal storyteller.  With his very own label, Pirate Vinyl, Neil has helped others get their stories told in amazing ways.  His eye for worthy talent is as inscrutable as his ability to pen a brilliant pop song.  He’s helped produce and/or release the likes of fellow folk pop oriented wonders like Susannah Conn, Pete Sinjin, and Caren Le Vine.  And if Neil Nathan’s work has intrigued you in any way, before or after reading this fanboy expose of the guy, it would definitely behoove you check out his cohorts of excellence.

Whether you realize it our not, everybody yearns for some sort of personal experience with musicians.  When you hear a

Photo by Cristina Gilbert

song that completely grabs you by the balls/labia, you most likely feel a sudden impulse and wonderment to know why the hell this artist was able to create a track/album/circus act that completely appeals to your wants and desires in life, as well as in music.  It may not entirely make sense to you, but your heart is letting you be had.  Because you need this.  You need fine folks like Neil Nathan telling you that you will be okay/are totally fucked.   This is the power of great music that a man Neil Nathan has probably been in tune with since his inception.  This is great music.  This is brilliance.

Discover all the news, music, and wit you could ever need or want about the great Neil Nathan at his WEBSITE.  



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