National Pastime: Coma EP [Album Review]

Natinal Pastime’s frontman Andy Botterill may very well be one of the hardest working cats in all of the United Kingdom.  He’s in a thousand bands, and releases most of their material on a label he runs himself.  Not to mention an immense consistency of gigging around Exeter and wherever he can manage to drop his feet.  And with such a chaotic work schedule and a plethora of material piling up on his resume, sometimes an album or two might get sadly under rug swept.  But, it’s when you finally take the opportunity to check out each release from the awesome and talented Pastime Records, you will find you were missing a gem.  And with that, we have the Coma EP.  A translusive piece of art that should for no reason whatsoever, be looked over.

At the tail end of 2010, National Pastime released the amazing lo-fi pop masterpiece Bookmarks.  It was a beautiful display of total beauty in simplicity.  It felt like a total display of everything Andy B and company had to offer.  That is until Coma EP landed Por Avion in my mail box a couple of months ago.  And I fell in love all again.  Here we find these lovable pop masterminds advancing beyond anything we have heard before.  The singularly amazing track “Goldsworthy Gurney”  is actually sort of a stretch from their generalized lo-fi sound, and it is a real treat to say the least.  And even when they move to more familiar territory on a track like “Read Your Mind”, there is a delightful sense of advancement that simply leaves you with a great sense of the jollies, and a yearning to cheer for the happy crew.  And don’t be surprised if you hear these cuts again on a full length album sometime soon.  Or damn, you may already be able to considering Pastime Records works like a manic poet on benzederine trip.

National Pastime is an amazing group that just never fails.  They do more than bring a full-bodied sound to Andy Botterill’s solo work.  They incorporate a wonderful electric feel to tingle the ear drums while listening beautiful stories of love, life, and the eternal search for a cure to the cancerous spirit of non-creativety that bites each and every one of us at some point.  This is beautiful stuff.  It just can’t be said enough.

Find more about National Pastime on Facebook.

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