Guilt Monkey [Band]

Let’s face it, we all love classic rock.  But, we don’t want to admit it sometimes.  I don’t like to call myself a hipster because of the ill qualities that are consistently followed with such an expression of interest, but I might very well be one.  I only like country music when it comes from the time of my grandfather, and I only like classic rock that is nowhere near The Eagles, and is slightly updated if recreated properly at all.  Chuck Klosterman would call me a hipster douchebag for this, and since his word is bond, I must conform.  But, no matter, I am in love with a new artist who epitomizes the old ways of rock and roll.  Introducing Brin Addison and his band of merry men, Guilt Monkey.

Upon listening to the track “Crash and Burn” from the little known Guilt Monkey, I was immediately reminded of one of my favortie, and most unrepresented, times of music….the post bullet in Cobain’s head period of the 90’s.  I thought I was hearing a b-side from Stabbing Westward, mixed with a bit of post Ozzy, Black Sabbath.  For those familiar with the differences, this has to be appealing.  And then I dug into a few more tracks, and intriguing became a loose term I could no longer afford to use.  Move right into the funkadelic yet extremely heavy “Checking Out” and you will realize that somewhere in Belgium, a motherfucker is developing the exact sound that so many new hard rock acts wish they could create (Dear Danko Jones, take notes).  Guilt Monkey is a mosh ready, tantilizing and heavy sound far superior to what your small town radio station could ever get away with playing.  This is a superior blend of blues chords mixed with in your fat fucking face hardcore riffs that will leave your ears bleeding if you are not ready for such a damn good time.

Guilt Monkey  knows their shit to say the least.  Addison recently produced one of the finest albums of 2010 (Jesus Rehab’s The Highest Highs and The Lowest Lows) that is far beyond his own personal sound, but still obviously holds a bit of his creative spirit and bit of his personal ambition.  No matter the man’s credentials, this guy is the definitely the heart and soul of hard rock and roll today.  We need more people like Addison to keep our minds boggled, and our hearts beating in an amazing fashion.  And when a man like Brin finds a team of such talented hard rockin’ musicians as he did with Guilt Monkey, it is amazing to see think of what the future might truly hold.

Check out music from Guilt Monkey on their SOUNDCLOUD page.  You won’t regret.  I promise.

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