Oy Vey [Band]

Photo by Matt Eisman

Oh snap, it’s finally happened!  The dubious sounds of electronic combined with a hook heavy, singer/songwriting stamina that has gone unmatched since MGMT graced us with their electric feel.  Oy Vey have emerged, and the competition is sure to be thicker than Rosie O’ Donnell after a casino buffet.  Longtime friends Bryce Aubrey and Kevin Corcoran have created something that is so simply cool it’s almost indescribable.  But, I will give it a shot.

The most grandoise and spectacular aspect of Oy Vey’s debut album Botanical Curiosity is how each track is a singularly amazing experience.  The album’s first single, “White Lies” sends you back into a time warp to the days where a well constructed chorus was an absolute must.  When there was no need for an abundance of confusion and when lyrics where meant to be interpreted however you chose to hear them.  Jump back to the Ziggy Stardust-esque “Astronauta” and prepare to begin an out of this world experience on a planet filled with grit and hardcore guitar riffs.  Skip down to the ultra pop cut “Idiot” where you learn a little bit about love and the beauty of stupidity.

Oy Vey has only just begun making a name for themselves.  Hitting the airwaves last May, these little known geniuses in their own right have hit the airwaves hard across the U.S. and overseas eventually landing themselves a very respectable spot on the CMJ charts, without actually dropping an album yet!  These New Hampshire bred buddy rockers have since dropped the album digitally on CDBaby and other convenient outlets, but the official physical release will be hitting the shelves on August 30th.  And proving how dedicated these cats are to their craft, they have already began recording their sophomore release, Recession Girlswith the likes of talented musicians such as Johnny Rabb and Steven Stokes.

Photo by Matt Eisman

The story behind Oy Vey is one of constant friendship and consistent distances.  But thankfully for all of us, the boys have gotten their act together (all pun intended) and do not show any signs of losing the relentless spirit that makes them so damn brilliant.  Ladies and gentlemen, we might have found the obvious breakthrough group of 2011.

Oy Vey’s debut album, Botanical Curiosity is currently available on iTunes and CDBaby.  Physical copies are in the works, and will be available as a self released album on August 30th through CDBaby.  Find all the information you need from the band’s website, where you can also stream the entire album in all it’s glory!

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