Sassy: Diggin’ Deep [Album]

Every once in a great while, you might just hear some women in pop punk music that might just scare the shit out of you. You might think of sweet old Juliette Lewis screeching about chaos with The Licks, or maybe the wild and freaked out antics of the likes of Tacocat and Forever. But then there are some that might just make you fall in love. And with that, I present to a group that truly exemplifies the latter, a fantastic tweaked out harmony based duo known as Sassy. Lay your preconceptions to rest, and check out their beautiful release Diggin’ Deep.

The track list of Diggin’ Deep holds a wide array of tracks that dance between love, love loss, and loving the loss of love. The pinnacle of Sassy’s “feeling oh so good” popped out mentality comes pretty early with “So Bad It’s Good”, but it only slows down slightly by the time “Blink Once” polishes off the 13 songs. Elements of Lynda Mandolyn’s previous work with Fabulous Disaster are present, but not definitely not dominant. What we have here is entirely fresh, and without a doubt, a remarkably cool genre bending work of art.

For every ounce of sweetness Sassy pours into their songs, there is a fair about of tartness as well. Then again, if you call a tall glass of everclear being slow dripped into your veins “tart”, then I might be spot on. One thing that is absolutely for certain, this angels of chaos certainly bring the love and pain on their debut album, Diggin’ Deep. And there is no denying that these ladies have what it takes to make you beg for their love, as they bury you with beautifully tuned and precise instrumentations of fun

Key Tracks:  “Blink Once” and “It Really Hurts”.

Find more information on this illustrious duo on Facebook.

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