The Trainwreck’d Children Radio Podcast has been launched! The show is still in the developmental stages, and it will mostly just be Ron rambling in his garage, attempting to learn how to us the equipment and quickly finding out that he is in way over his head. But alas, the show will go on. Regularly scheduled programming is not set to begin until early 2018, but check back for randomly unscheduled programming whenever we decide to throw one out there. Enjoy!

Episode I: Prologue
Run time: 54 minutes
Available on:
Shout Outs: Sean Jordan, Adam Mattson, Tyler Averett, Rodney Carr, Freddy Ruiz, Westfold, Andy Fenstermaker, Verona Red, Robin Grey, Heavy Rotations, Ryan Feigh, Ola Nyberg, Marquette Books, Anna-Lynne Williams, Alexander Hallet, Phil The Tremolo King, Michael W. Nestor, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Cyndi Kimmel, KYRS Thin Air Community Radio, Bob Rice, Martin Hallanzini, 4,000 Holes, College Magazine, The Daily News, I Think We’re Alone Now, Tiffany, The Coffin Collectors, Dusten Retcher, Ray Wiggington, Watership Down, Crappy Indie Music The Blog, Timmy Williams, Jess Walter, Thomas Pridgen, XO Publicity, Daniel Myrick, Super Geeky Play Date, Four Guys Drinking, The Nightmare Podcast, Dan Hamer, Mike Phillips.


Episode II: The Crate
Run time: 59 minutes
Available on:
iTunes (Coming Soon!)

Shout Outs: Mike Phillips, Young Immortals, Bill Burr, Primitive Radio Gods, Thom Carter, Bernie Sanders, Bob Dylan, Green Day, Al Gore, Rodney Carr, Chris Eaves, Millard Fillmore, Eminem, Corbet Redford, James Madison, Nirvana, Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children MacNuggits, Ted Dancin’ Machine, Tyler Averett, Matt Beat, Brett Lafever, Yanni, Electric Needle Room, 4 Guys Drinking, Westfold, George Washington, Reid’s Pit Stop, Jared Mees & The Grown Children, Luigi’s Coffee, Tender Loving Empire, Pearl Jam, The Gadjits, Pickathon, Phil The Tremolo King, Reel Big Fish, BXF, Ash Street Saloon, Live, Denny’s, Adam Mattson, Meat Loaf, Sadistik, Shari’s Diner, Dan Crow, Andy B, Simon Bish, Bodi, Cas One, Eyedea, Noise Annoys Simon, Robin Grey, Kristoff Kane, The Coffin Collectors, Bob Marley, Golden Bloom, Shawn Fogel, A Fine Day For Sailing, Timmy Williams, Secrets For September, Berbati’s Pan, Michael J. Epstein, Simon Goalpoast, Andy Fonda, Sophia Cacciola, Banana & Louie, Justin Nozuka, Jano Rix, The Woods Brothers, Game Dixon Band, Neutral Uke Hotel.


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