Saturday Special: Getaway [Film]




“Tamara Miller has planned a weekend lake getaway with her two best friends. When she gets kidnapped by a backwoods cult, eerie and unexplained occurrences arise. Will she make it out alive or become the treasure of these deranged lunatics?” – October Coast PR




Now this was fun, Folks! I just have to say that right out of the gate. As somebody who has ingested quite a ton of horror films in their time, I instantly have to say that I approve of Getaway, just so much. The premise is simple get engaging, the build up is just enough to get you comfortable, the intensity rides like lightening on a scary spring night, and the pay out is ultimately bloody and satisfying. Getaway brings all of the elements you want in a horror film, and maybe some that you didn’t realize you wanted. With amazing performances, a compelling faith-based set of bad guys, and brilliantly simple effects, this is an all around gem of a horror film if I have ever seen one. When you simply want to turn your brain off for 90 minutes and let yourself be scared as hell, Getaway is the perfect film for you.



As previously mentioned, the film has some absolutely amazing performances. As expected, horror screen legends Scout Taylor-Compton and Landry Allbright deliver in their roles, no question. But, the biggest shoutout is obviously the film’s lead, Jaclyn Betham, who is just so damn convincing yet confusing as a character throughout the entire viewing. Which I couldn’t have loved more. And as far as performances go, director and co-writer (the other writer being Jaclyn herself!) Lane Tolan absolutely nails it as well. And fun fact, for those who aren’t aware or possibly not in your mid-30’s, Tolan is the legendary voice behind King Bob of the animated series Recess, as well as Wolfgang in the classic series Hey Arnold! Isn’t that something? King Bob out here capturing women for the Lord? I love it.

Seriously Folks, I can’t say enough good things about Getaway, and I would highly recommend to everyone, but especially those looking for a well made horror film in this day and age were details and storylines sometimes get substituted for gore and jump scares. This is not one of this film. Getaway is a very stylized suspense-filled horror film that you simply must see. Enjoy!


Getaway is available now on DVD and VOD from Uncork’d Entertainment.



Brendon Walsh [Interview]


Hello Folks, and Happy Holidays to some of you out there. Today we are kicking our week off with some incredible words from an even more incredible comedian, podcaster, leading George Washington scholar, the great Brendon Walsh, Everyone! He’s an extremely hilarious man who has done some amazing work. He’s had late night sets on Conan & Kimmel, worked alongside some of our old friends like Greg Grabianiski and Johnny Pemberton on the hilarious series Pickle and Peanut, starred in our friend Henry Phillip’s film Punching Henry, and has done acting roles as a meth head, porn video clerk, and “scuzzy trucker”.

I first came to love Brendon when I was first introduced to a little podcast he did with comedian who will not respond to our emails, Nick Thune, entitled Do You Know Who Jason Siegel Is? By title alone I was hooked, and have become a huge admirer of his work beyond DYKWJSI. We talk a bit about it in the interview below, but I need you all to know that following Walsh on Twitter is one hell of an experience that I would highly recommend to you all. I’ve never learned so much about a renowned president who died from bloodletting. And that’s just some of the fun! Brendon also has a new podcast out, which we will discuss below as well, entitled World Record Podcast, and I am being told that it is the best thing to hit the internet, ever.

So Folks, please enjoy some incredible words from the brilliant comedian, Brendon Walsh! Enjoy!




When did you first discover you were a hilarious human being and that the world would be a better place if you worked professionally to make people laugh for a living? 

When I was in the first grade, my teacher was reading a story to the class, but all the students were being crazy and getting on her nerves, so she closed the book and said she wasn’t going to finish the story. I stood up and started fake crying and said “Please! Please don’t stop reading the story, or I don’t know what I’ll do!” Then I pulled a handkerchief out of my back pocket (I carried a hankie on me when I was a kid because my dad did) and I wiped my fake tears with it, then blew my nose crazy loud into the handkerchief. The class lost it. It was like they were blown back by a sonic boom. They were all leaned back in their chairs cracking up. I remember my friend Brian Coughlin’s face was dark red and he couldn’t breathe, he was laughing so hard. 

I have to say that following you on Twitter is quite an experience. A phenomenal experience, If I may. You have somehow managed to make a bland yet excruciatingly addicting social media platform just a bit more interesting. I don’t mean to make this a “How Do You Do It?” type question, but I am curious to know what your overall thought process is whilst posting material to a site like Twitter? What would you say your ultimate goal is in the social media realm? 

If I think of the dumbest, most inappropriate, or tone deaf thing that makes me laugh, I tweet it. I just want to be funny on twitter, but mostly make myself laugh by how people respond to whatever dumb shit I said. I’m also an expert on George Washington and will conduct George Washington Q&A’s on Twitter regularly. 

Quick somewhat follow up question to the last one…..if you were able to do so, and were paid an ungodly amount of money, who would you pick to be your partner in a WWE style tag team match that would pit you and one other person against Todd Barry and Duncan Trussell….who would it be?

I don’t think I’d want to tag team with anyone. The arguments I get into with those two “people” are very personal. 

We always like to ask comedians who are kind enough to grace our digital pages who tend to hit the road a bit this one question: What are some places across the country that many people may not realize are actually great places for comedy? Maybe some of those clubs located in “flyover states” that may surprise people to know that they are wonderful places to see live comedy? 

How about the worst club? There’s a place called Off The Hook Comedy Club in Naples, FL. If you’re a comedian just starting out, try to get booked there just for the story. It’s basically a seafood restaurant where people are trying to eat and have conversations. The comedy seems to be an annoyance to them, if they stop talking long enough to realize there is a comedian onstage. I did a weekend there with Blaine Capatch and Drew Carey a few years ago and nobody was paying attention to any of us. It was surreal- we were just talking to each other from the stage at a certain point. It was almost like we were on a hidden camera prank show. I also know two comedians who quit drinking after doing a weekend there. 

I have to admit that I originally became a big fan of yours through the short lived Do You Know Who Jason Segel Is? podcast. It was such a blast to listen to during its time. I am curious to know what your favorite moment from this show was? All of this time later, what really sticks out as a truly wonderful moment from doing this project? 

That podcast was an off-shoot of my first podcast The Bone Zone, which is probably the best comedy podcast to ever exist. Do You Know Who Jason Segel Is? started after Nick Thune was a guest on The Bone Zone and said he thought everyone knows who Jason Segel is. We called a bunch of places on the podcast and proved him wrong. My favorite moments from DYKWJSI are the silliest stuff. The “Secret Garden” stands out where we would call nurseries and tell them we needed plants and vines and stuff to create a secret garden. But the secret garden was very sneaky and secretive so we needed soil I could lie down under then sit up to surprise people, and we needed various hiding places and places we could be sneaky in. Spaghetti sandwiches was an ongoing funny bit. Oh, and when we called Lazik places asking if they can laser off hemorrhoids with their lasers. There are tons of great moments. 



I have recently become privy to a new podcast you have going on known as World Record Podcast, which happens to feature a past guest of ours on just the second episode, the great Shane Mauss. Can you give our readers some details on this new venture? 

The idea for the podcast was to talk about world records, but so far it’s just as silly as everything else I’ve done. In the first episode, me and my wife Amanda call stores looking for salamais for us to use for “weird insertions” then we play the five steps from the New Kids on the Block song “Step By Step” for the person on the phone to make sure we’re doing it right. I guess you just have to listen. We’ve created a new TV show on the podcast called “Urkel’s House” that we’re trying to get off the ground by calling production companies and realtors. Shane and I do an epic prank call to a bridal shop on his episode where I complain that the last bridal shop we were dealing with said my wife (Shane) sounds like a man. It’s currently the funniest podcast in production. 

What else does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers? 

I’m working on a children’s book called Stinkalicious. I’m also involved with a celebrity gossip show called Trash Day with René Fabregé

What was the last thing that made you smile? 

A comedy special by a comedian I’m not supposed to like anymore. 


Sunday Matinee: Streetlight Harmonies [Film]


“From its street-corner origins, through successful ’60s girls groups, Streetlight Harmonies charts doo-wop¹s influence on modern-day boy bands and how it impacts today’s contemporary music including pop, R&B and hip hop.  We also hear stories of how these artists used music as a way to quash segregation and support the civil rights movement.” – Prism Media Group



Hello Everyone! For regular readers here, you may know that we cover a lot of documentaries, especially entertainment based interviews. We’ve covered films about 90’s ska, 80’s punk, legendary stuntmen, middle actors & actresses….basically a pretty wide playing field. And while today’s showcase is in the same vein in a way, there is definitely something fresh and original here. Streetlight Harmonies is a film that showcases a genre of music that I honestly didn’t know that I loved so much, and if you are not a long-time fan yourself, I truly believe that after only one viewing of this incredibly made film, you will soon realize that you are also a fan! How could this be, you say? Well, everything needs an origin, if you will. It’s sad that rock and roll stemmed from the blues. Which is fair. But, what about other origins? What about a genre that influenced rhythm & blues singers, rock singers, hell it goes all the way into the g funk era of the 90’s if you cared enough to argue it! Well that genre Folks, is doo wop. And I will be the first to admit that I had zero knowledge on the subject and how it came to rise in pop culture so prevalently. That is until Streetlight Harmonies entered my life, and now I am not only more knowledgeable on the subject, but more grateful for the said knowledge entering my life.


Ron Coleman & Bill Brown, photographed by Hilda Somarriba

Filmmaker Brent Wilson is a cat you has absolutely mastered his craft, and was destined to be the one who tells us about the power of doo wop. He came into the industry working for some of the biggest pop stars of their time. Artists like Britney Spears, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and more. But, being the inquisitive soul that he appears to be, I can only imagine that he was wondering about the origins of this type of music. And all of these years later, he has finally been able to put out a wonderfully-crafted documentary in the likes of Streetlight Harmonies. The film features some of the greatest artists from the world of doo wop. But for those of us who may not be so familiar with this world and just learning, legendary figures like Brian McKnight, Lance Bass, and Brian Wilson show up to weigh in with their thoughts. Streetlight Harmonies is an incredible look into an art that doesn’t get the credit that it deserves. If you don’t finish Streetlight Harmonies with a new sense of love in your heart, you may want to check and make sure you indeed have a heart.


Streetlight Harmonies is available now on DVD, Blu Ray, and VOD wherever you purchase great films.


Saturday Double Special: Zak Toscani Live in Portland [Stand Up] + Same Boat [Film]



Hello Folks, and welcome to another Saturday Double Special. As we are all doubling up on the content we are taking in these days, we are excited to share with you two incredible collection of moving images that I know you are going to love oh so damn much.

First off, we are so excited to talk about a brilliant half hour set (27 minutes if you need to be a dick about it) from our dear friend and past guest Zak Toscani. It’s been just over a year since we had Zak on the site, and we have continued to follow, and love, his work since then and definitely before. Zak has continued to make audiences laugh with his brilliant observations and self-realization that could arguably considered a bit too harsh on himself, but that’s obviously the point. He’s poignant and profound in his act and I simply cannot say enough good shit about his work. He’s a wordsmith as well. “There is no love where there is no obstacle” is a quote from Zak that I truly adore. Especially since it is about frozen pizzas.

Zak, like so many other great comics we have had on the site (including a lot of his friends), is continuing to attempt to entertain audiences during this extremely weird as time and has something incredible to share with you all. Back in January, Toscani returned to his old stomping grounds, our beloved former home base, of the Pacific Northwest, PDX proper, and gave an absolutely phenomenal performance. In absolute seriousness, it is one of the best half hours I have ever watched. I hope with all of my heart that one day I will finally get to see this shit live. Word for word, I know I would laugh myself into hysteria. It’s that damn good.

So what does a stand up set from January have to do with Zak’s attempt to keep us laughing? Well, recently he publicly announced that he would like to share this set with the world.


And being the humble man he is, if you simply ask him to check it out, he’s probably going to give to you for free. But, I implore you all to shoot him a couple of bucks via Venmo (unless you live in the UK where they refuse to acknowledge this fabulous service, the bastards) or PayPal (way to think internationally PayPal!), or however you are able to send funds to a brilliant comedian who simply wants to make people laugh and also afford to purchase the canvases known as frozen pizzas.

We are living in some sort of strange simulation right now, so let’s roll with that shall we? If you were able to roam the streets of Portland, Oregon for a night, you may wander into Helium and drop 10-15 bucks (I’m honestly spit-balling here, because I’ve been to exactly one comedy club, ever) to watch a wonderful comedian give their brilliant observations of the world. Well, it can still happen! You’re just at home, in your pajamas, watching comedy. How great is that? I honestly can think of nothing better. Except maybe actually going to a show, as I mentioned earlier, but it’s not an option so let’s make the best of it.

So, how can you watch Zak’s incredible stand up? Simply hit him up on TWITTER. And don’t forget to ask for payment information, and pay what you think is fair or whatever you are able to spare. And of course, if you are simply broke as fuck but need the enlightenment, Zak is likely to simply hand it over to you being the perfect gentleman that he is. But, if you can spare a few bucks, I implore you all to do so.




One of my favorite moments in TV history. Past guests of the site Mike Mulloy, Zak Toscani, Sean Jordan, and David Gborie, showing their support for their friend Ian Karmel before his set on The Late Late Show. This has no context to anything, I just really wanted to to exist on our site as well.






“James is a time travelling assassin from the 28th century sent to 2018 to kill a woman, but when his intern gets sick and he loses his paperwork he has some time to kill, so to speak, while enjoying the cruise he accidentally falls in love with the woman he’s supposed to kill. Same Boat is a film about duty, love, friendship, and how kindness is more powerful than destruction.” – October Coast PR




If I am being 100% honest Folks….I was very hesitant to watch this one. I can’t quite explain what exactly it was about the description of the film that was turning me off, but I definitely put off checking out for a while. And let me tell you all, I have made some terrible decisions in the past. Big ones. I once shot myself in the foot with a BB gun to prove a point. And I am confident enough to sit here and tell you all: THAT wasn’t even as dumb as putting off viewing Same Boat. Not only is this film one of the best I have watching this year, it may be a new all-time favorite comedy.

To reiterate a comment I previously made about Same Boat this week in an interview we did with Josh Itzkowitz:

I would never compare Josh’s work directly to anyone in particular, as his whole style seems to be coming up with something highly original. I may “liken” it to a bit of a strange genre of sci-fi that might have an origin linked (at least in my mind), to a guy like writer/director Charlie Kaufman. It’s that type of science fiction that takes an idea that is futuristic and exciting, but focuses more on the human reaction elements to a bold stance. A time traveling assassin who travels hundreds of years into the past to kill a woman but can’t because of the power of attraction? That’s on par, if not superior in my opinion, to how humans would react to living in a celebrities head for 15 minutes or fighting against time in your head to stop the erasure of a loved one from your memory while Hulk and Kristen Dunst dance on top of you.



Same Boat is an absolute gem of a film that I am certain you will be hearing about here at TWS in the future. Director/Leading Actor Chris Roberti shines in the film, as does Tonya Glanz and the whole damn cast. What we have here is an amazing collection of hilarious individuals portraying wonderfully written characters that steal the show with every moment they appear before us. Seriously, I feel the need to shout them out individually, as it truly feels like lightning caught in a bottle. Evan Kaufman, Katie Hoffman, David Bly, Leah Rudick, David Carl, Julia Shonberg….EVERYONE! You were all incredible, and thank you so much for what you are giving the world in these desperate times!

So Folks, if you are looking for a bit of an escape from reality, I can not recommend Same Boat enough for your viewing pleasure. Get on it Folks!


Same Boat is available now VOD wherever you purchase great films.





Sunday Matinee: Space & Time [Film]


“As they quickly approach their thirtieth birthdays, academic physicist Siobhan and her photographer boyfriend Sean realize they failed to answer key questions about themselves and their relationship. Their devotion to each other is further tested when Siobhan decides to chase a research opportunity that would move them to Geneva.” – Head On Pictures



Relationships can be very hard. This is not an uncommon thought. And the concept of “space and time”, may seem a bit of an odd thing to focus on right now, but try to remember the days when matters such as relationships were even a matter to be considered. Take a break from the isolation, to remember what it meant to be loved. Space & Time is a beautiful exploration of two people who became so engrossed in being together, that they forgot how to be themselves, and in turn discover that maybe they weren’t meant to be together. It’s a tale as old as time, and is a concept that has not disappeared over the years. As we become a more individual based society across the globe, the process of choosing a soul mate has become seemingly impossible to a whole new generation. It’s a complexity in which we may never know the truth, no matter how hard we search for it. But I believe the overall concept and lesson of Space & Time is to never give up hope. Believing in yourself is of the upmost importance, and can not be understated.



Toronto based writer/director Shawn Gerrard has created something uniquely brilliant with the oddball not so romantic comedy/drama, Space & Time. It’s unknown, as I am terrible at research, just how biographical he has gotten with this film but it is suffice to say that even if the story is completely made up, there is something deeply personal about the tale of Siobhan and Sean. It’s truly Shakespearean in a way. Two people who seemingly have committed their lives to one another, only to realize that their paths may have only been meant to cross for a brief period of time. Will they one day return to each other’s arms for embrace? Who knows. The film will leave you with a lot of “What if’s” and “Maybe’s” which, if done correctly, can be the sign of a great storyteller. And Folks, I believe that Gerrard may be one of those damn great storytellers.

Performers Victoria Kucher and Steven Yaffee give amazing performances as the film’s central focus. Their chemistry is absolutely on point, but maybe not entirely romantic on all levels. Which actually makes quite a bit of sense for the storytelling. So Bravo to these two! On a personal note, it was quite a pleasure to see one of my first childhood crushes appear in this beautiful film. That would be the OG Pink Ranger herself, Amy Jo Johnson!

So Folks, if you are looking for a beautiful little indie film with a strong message to help you kill a few hours during these trying times, I definitely can not recommend Space & Time enough. Hell, I would recommend it in the pandemic-free world that will hopefully happening in due time. Check it out, Folks!





Saturday Special: Rootwood [Film]


Rootwood follows two students who host ‘The Spooky Hour’, a podcast about paranormal phenomena and urban legends. When they are hired by a Hollywood film producer to shoot a horror documentary about the curse of The Wooden Devil, they smell their chance to become famous. Together, with their friend, they enter Rootwood Forest and investigate the area to find out the truth about The Wooden Devil and his victims.’ – High Octane Pictures



As if the world isn’t scary enough right now, TWS is here to shake it up a good fashioned horror film! Today we are talking about the brilliant indie horror film Rootwood. It’s truly original take on a well known premise, and features a twist that you are sure to not see coming. Highly stylized with a glorious combination of the elements that you have come to know and love in the world of horror. There’s blood. There’s jump scares. There is just so much to love about this film and the very least, it’s a nice little break from the horrors of the real world which surround us today. After one viewing of Rootwood, it’s possible that you won’t want to get out of the house anyway. Well, maybe not. But, you get the point.



One of the most delightful parts of Rootwood could be obvious for our regular readers. One of our dear friends is in the film. Of course, she happens to be a legend in the world of horror, so it’s no surprise that the filmmakers would want her to be in the film. I’m speaking of course about the great Sarah French! And as you would expect, she is incredible as always. We love her so much, there is no question about that. But, we should probably also state that the other two main cast members are amazing, and during the times they are all on screen together, they make a hell of a team. The other two would be the wonderful performers Elissa Dowling and Tyler Gallant. Seriously Folks, I could watch these three work on screen together dozens of times over. The dynamic of of Rootwood simply would not exist without any three other performances. I believe this with all of my heart. Screenwriter Mario von Czaapiewski created a wonderful setting, filmmaker Marcel Walz presented it naturally, but the cast really brought it all together. That’s team work folks, and it’s beautiful. I implore you all to check out Rootwood.


Rootwood is available now on DVD and VOD from High Octane Pictures.



New Music Tuesday: Local H – Lifers [Album]


Hello Folks! Welcome to another New Music Tuesday for that ass! While these segments are becoming more and more infrequent, please know that the consumption of music is life and well here at TWS headquarters. And with the current state we are in, it feels like we should start sharing some of the amazing records that have been passing through our inbox. We all need any sort of entertainment we can get these days, right? So with that being said, let’s get a little loud, Folks!

Today we are talking about the classic alt-rock duo Local H. Their name should ring a bell, considering they are 30 years deep into the game of making loud yet melodic tracks that hit  loud and proud. Local H has always been a little on the outside of their contemporaries, and it’s always been a positive thing I would say. Being just a little bit louder, a tad bit more wilder, and a thousand percent more self-aware than most, this is a band that has been relentless in their pursuit of loud. And a few decades has not slowed them down a god damned bit!

Lifers, as the kid’s would say, fucking KNOCKS. This album is a collection of build ups with actual payouts, which should seem like an obvious attribute, but sadly it is not. Local H shows that experience in this game has come to fruition as the albums plays effortlessly and poignantly with their classic grunge-adjacent sound that can literally rattle a pair of Air Pods out of one’s ears.


Photo by Julia Simone Paul


While an album like Lifers should really be listened to in its entirety, front to back, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to point out a few highlights. But, it is important to note that while I have a few favorite tracks from this album, it’s more like moments. Moments that I thoroughly enjoyed whilst giving this album a few dozen listens. “Turn the Bow” is a prime example of the aforementioned build up with pay offs. “High Wide and Stupid” is a comical look at society and the digital chaos that ensues on a daily basis. And “Beyond the Valley of the Snakes” is somewhat operatic playhouse that culminates in a great bit of screaming.

So Folks, if Lifers is any indication as to what a legendary group like Local H is still capable of doing, I dare say that there may be a bit of hope left in the world. And I am very excited to see what the next 30 years has in store for these heroes of the loud.


Lifers will be available via AntiFragile Music on April 10th, 2020. Check out the band’s WEBSITE for details.




Sunday Matinee: Inside The Rain [Film]


“College film student Benjamin Glass has it all: ADHD, OCD, borderline personality. And he¹s also bipolar. But Glass is more than his diagnoses ­ he prefers the term “recklessly extravagant” — and he¹s determined to prove his genius. When a misunderstanding threatens to expel him from college, Glass pushes back; he plans on recreating the incident on video, with the help of a moonlighting sex worker (Ellen Toland), to clear his name. But how will he raise the money for the film, when his parents dismiss the scheme as another manic episode?” – Prism Media Group



Hello Folks! For today’s Sunday Matinee we are going to do something that we should all be doing in this trying times – showcasing that it is okay to laugh at a very serious situation. We’re not talking about a pandemic, although analogies could work the same. No, we are talking about mental illness, yet again. It seems to be a common thread around here, as I tend to get drawn to works of art that take the matter seriously, and can even make it a bit of heart-warming effect. And that is exactly what Inside the Rain.

Based on his own life, writer and director as well as star of Inside the Rain, gives a new outlook on what it means to suffer in a world where most people simply don’t understand you. It also sheds a light on what it can be like when you finally DO find somebody who understands you, and those around you want to do everything short of forbidding. Inside the Rain is part romcom, part drive to succeed story, and part display of whimsical ignorance. It’s a film that will make you laugh out loud at one moment, and then throw yourself back in anguish at the next.



Aaron Fisher shines in the role he was literally meant to play, which is one self, obviously. But his performance is severely bolstered by those around him. Specifically, the likes of Ellen Tolland can not be ignored as I personally believe that she gave the most heart-warming performances of them all. And of course, the legendary actress Rosie Perez shines as the no-nonsense psychoanalyst who manages perfectly to portray a professional who learns to care by not caring. Eric Roberts also shines in what I would consider his best role in quite some time, or at least, a very different role than he has done in quite some time.

I sincerely recommend Inside the Rain for anyone who wants to take a deep dive into what a life so foreign to them may be. I recommend it for everyone as it is such a damn good film, but for those who need a little insight into the chaos that the mind can cause, I highly recommend Inside the Rain.


Inside the Rain is available now on Amazon Prime, and will be on more streaming platforms soon. For details, check out the film’s WEBSITE.



Saturday Double Special: Wives of the Skies + Gold Dust [Films]


“Wives of The Skies is a romantic dramedy, set in 1965, starring two stewardesses, Fran and Marcy from Fine Air, a well-appointed airline. One evening after work, at their stewardess’ hotel, they befriend Derrick, a British photojournalist who wants to interview them as “subjects” for his “documentary film”. As Fran and Marcy are interviewed, they are revealed as very different than Derrick hoped for or could possibly have expected…  As they get to know each other, Wives Of The Skies makes a contemporary socio-cultural statement regarding the meme of “the good girl, drawn bad”.  Wives of The Skies clarifies the impact of the overarching “men’s gaze” which objectifies women as carnal sex objects men seek, while they look for love…  along the way, addressing the primitive issue of Trust vs. Mistrust” – October Coast PR



Hello Folks! And welcome to another Saturday in the ‘Tine! As to probably be expected, I have watched ALOT of films in the recent weeks, and I want to get to sharing all of them, so I present to you another Saturday Double Special.

First we have the absolutely delightful sociological exploration short film Wives of the Skies. The film explores the world of airline stewardess in the 1960’s, and the bizarre male attraction that was, and still is, a weird perverted obsession. The idea that an entire occupation was essentially made to evoke the gaze of men is something so out of date that most of you out there, the good people I would like to assume, could not even fathom being a real thing. We watch shows like Mad Men and see it as all a fantasy. Sadly, it wasn’t. And that is were Wives of the Skies comes in to make it a whimsical and over-dramatized vision of a very different time.



What intrigued me most about Wives of the Skies is the subtle yet in your face sense of sarcasm that exists throughout the story. Why & how would two women manage to co-exist in a non-sexual nature, have a demanding occupation, work very hard, and still maintain an image that pleases the male gaze? Why they must be some kind of psychopaths/robots. Just how could this be? Filmmaker Honey Lauren does an amazing job at encapsulating the dumb male ego that most of us are guilty of overstating, and the power that women can have over the meek and babe-in-the-woods like men who simply can’t fathom the idea of equality. Wives of the Skies is a poignant, shocking, and intriguing film. Check it out ASAP!


Wives of the Skies is available now on DVD and VOD.






“Classical music. Thundering opera. Rattlesnakes and precious gems. Mansions and gold mines. Friendship and despair. Treasure beyond imagination that vanishes in the desert wind. In the desert there is no limit to the adventures at hand!” – October Coast PR




First of all, Folks, I have to admit that I had my doubts about this one. I made some quick judgments and decided that this film was not for me. But, given that time is abundant these days, I decided to give Gold Dust a shot. And I have to say Folks…..I was SO WRONG! And if you are having doubts on premise alone, I can emphasize enough that you are only hurting yourself with your initial impulses. I was immediately blown away by the chaos, confusion, and downright hilarity that ensues in just the first 20 minutes. It’s really kind of hard to explain what is happening within the film, as nothing really fits together, yet it blends ever so greatly. Prospectors, an operatic obsessed assassins, drug cartel kingpins, kids flying planes, kids crashing planes…..Santa Claus? Seriously Folks, there is so much going on in this whimsical and exciting film that I sincerely can not recommend enough.



I always enjoy a good buddy film, which is another big aspect of Gold Dust. In fact, somebody on Twitter recently posed the question, “What is your favorite male friend duo from recent pop culture?” And wouldn’t be some great timing to say that David Wall and David Wysocki may very well be my favorite in their portrays of Fink and Moses respectfully.  Their back and forth conversations and “Would You Rather” talks are the stuff that buddy movie dreams are made of, that’s for damn sure.

Seriously Folks, watch the trailer, and know that Gold Dust is a delightful adventure that you will not want to miss out on.


Gold Dust will be available on DVD and VOD on April 7th.



Sunday Matinee: Facing East [Film]


“Tommy Baker’s chilling and captivating Facing East, an expose on a graveyard that would re-use graves over and over. With over 100,000 documented disturbed burials the owners and operators of Eastern Cemetery systematically re-used graves over and over, taking advantage of low-income families during one of the most difficult times in their lives. 25 years after the cemetery was left abandoned, the Friends of Eastern Cemetery was formed to provide care and upkeep that the burial grounds so desperately needed.” – October Coast PR



Hello Folks. I hope this finds you well. While I know we are all concerned about the impending doom that is all around us, today we are talking about a somewhat related issue that should not be forgotten. Facing East is an incredible story that really needed to be out there in the world. It’s the story of greed, corruption, mishandling, and downright evil if I’m being completely honest. I’ve always had an affinity towards cemeteries. I’ve spent numerous hours walking the grounds of resting places across southern Mississippi, the hills of Southwest Washington, to some grounds going as far back as 800 years here in the East Anglian region of England. So when I saw a film passing through my inbox that was in regards to a Louisville based church, I wondered just what it might be about. And lo and behold it was probably about 20 minutes into the film that I vocally exclaimed, to no one in particular, “Who the HELL have I never HEARD of this!” But now that I do know, I feel an obligation to tell all of you dear readers about the wrong doings at the Eastern Cemetery, and about this powerful documentary that attempts to showcase the horror, and downright disrespect, that was given to the resting places of those who were loved and cherished on earth and were completely disregarded once they had passed. All for the love the mighty dollar. All because of lies and misleadings. It’s truly horrifying.



Thankfully though, there are some wonderful people out there who are trying their best to bring the respect back to the Eastern Cemetery. And I am not only talking about the lovely people at Friends of Eastern Cemetery. Clearly they are heroes. But, I am also referring to the Facing East filmmaker Tommy Baker. Every city and town you visit, you will find great people doing wonderful things for their communities. Which is a wonderful thing, obviously. The problem is that the powers that be who rank themselves above the common citizen will do all they can to silence them. And that is where Mr. Baker comes along. He is here to bring a voice to these honorable citizens. Bringing a voice to the voiceless is a noble cause that should also be celebrated. I’m no expert on the matter, but I feel safe in saying that you don’t make a film like Facing East in the hopes of making money off of misery, or even for entertainment purposes. This is for awareness. This is information driven content about a very serious problem that a band of wonderful community leaders are attempting rectify. Facing East is a film that everyone simply HAS to see!

For more information about , and how you can help out with, Friends of Eastern Cemetery, be sure to check out their WEBSITE for more details.

Facing East is available now on DVD & VOD from Uncork’d Entertainment.